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When you work on your golf game, what is it that gets your attention? If you are like most golfers, you spend your time working on things like grip, swing plane, the transition, and other related fundamentals. To be sure, those pieces of the golf swing puzzle are important—but what about your stance? If you are serious about your game, working on your setup is a key element. After some setup work, the results you get on your portable golf launch monitor are likely to move in the right direction.

Soccer is a highly tactical game and, if you want to have a successful team, every player has to play their part. That means knowing their assigned role on the field and slotting into the right position as needed.

The terminology around player positions can sometimes be confusing, especially since soccer is a world game. There are a few different names for every position, sometimes dependent on which formation is used—and that’s without mentioning all the different languages!

If you are reading this, the chances are good that you are not a professional golfer. Therefore, you are not playing this game to earn a paycheck, and it is purely a recreational pursuit. With that in mind, do you ever wonder why you aren’t having more fun when you practice? Some people treat practice like an obligation when it is, in fact, an optional activity. If you are going to do it, you might as well enjoy it. Whether you practice with a golf simulator or out on the range, it’s important to have a great time.

Are you using a launch monitor to improve your golf game? If not, you are missing out on a big opportunity to take a step forward on the links. Whether you would like to hit longer drives, more accurate iron shots, better putts—or all of the above—a good launch monitor can help make it happen. With the best launch monitor on your side, you’ll have all the data you need to make informed decisions and wise changes to your technique.

As a golfer, you already know that long irons are some of the hardest clubs to hit in the game. In fact, in recent years, more and more players have been tossing out their three irons and four irons in favor of extra hybrids. While that’s a good choice for some golfers, it’s not right for everyone. To hit long irons well, you need to know how to swing a golf club properly, and you need to spend plenty of time in practice. Let’s take a look at a few key tips for this area of the game.