Whether it’s a basic installation in your garage or a complete custom-designed virtual golf studio, our Performance Simulators are powered by our core GC launch monitor technology. Which means, unlike other professional-grade golf simulators, you aren’t limited by exact room dimensions and large costs. And that core technology – whether the GC3 or the GCQuad – can still be used on the range when the weather’s nice.

With Performance Simulation™, you’re not only enjoying the best golf simulation experience possible, you’re also improving your game with the world’s most trusted launch monitor.

Your Dream – Our Reality.

Let our Build-Your-Own Simulator app walk you through all the steps to get started on your personal golf simulator.

Design Yours
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The Game Changer Advantage

Golf simulation powered by our GC line of launch monitors offers huge advantages.
Here's just a few:

Works in virtually any space

Works in virtually any space

If you can safely swing a club, you have enough space for a Performance Simulation™ solution. It’s that simple.

Easily Upgradable

Easily upgradable

Upgrading components or software doesn’t cost big because your core technology doesn’t change.

Multi-purpose simplicity

Multi-purpose simplicity

Portable technology makes multi-purpose space easy - just move it when you’re not playing.

It still goes anywhere

It still goes anywhere

When the weather turns nice, unplug your GC launch monitor and take it to the range.

The perfect all‑in‑one solution.

Waiting for the biggest simulation bang for the buck? Look no further. SIM IN A BOX® is the most complete all-in-one virtual golf package available today. And because it comes with the best launch monitor in the industry, you not only get true-to-life game performance indoors, you get the game’s best performance analysis tool for outdoors as well.

SIM IN A BOX® Ace Package
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SIM IN A BOX® Albatross Package
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$30,999 $33,995

2 reviews
SIM IN A BOX® Eagle MAX Package
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1 review
SIM IN A BOX® Par Package
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Total Extras:


5 reviews

Enjoy True-to-Life Gameplay

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Let’s Get Started

Our team is here to guide you every step of the way. We offer everything you need to turn your golf simulator ideas into a reality, including:

Works in virtually any space

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Custom Designed to Perfect Fit Specifications

Custom Design

Installation by experts


Training onsite

Onsite Training