Hyper-realistic gameplay powered by the industry’s most accurate launch monitors.

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Graphics unleashed.

You asked and we delivered! FSX Play is the next evolution oftrue-to-life graphics in golf simulation. With a whole new graphic sengine, you’ll experience the game like never before. Rich textures, 3Dgrass, enhanced lighting, updated UI and HUD, and ultra-smooth gameplay make you feel like you’re on the course.

FSX Play La Jolla Pines Course
FSX Play Made in Unity

FSX Play uses the Unity graphics engine to deliver a whole new level of virtual golf realism to every course and game experience. And because it’s powered by the game’s most accurate and trusted launch monitors, your indoor game just got as challenging, entertaining, and as real as it gets. When you upgrade to FSX Play, you get the La Jolla Pines course free as an added bonus.

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Courses are leveling up.

We are working to convert all FSX 2020 courses to FSX Play compatible so you can enjoy all the enhanced graphics with courses you already own.

Take your game to a new level.

Experience the ultimate golf simulation with FSX Play and Sim-In-A-Box™. Feel like you’re on the course more than ever.

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FSX 2020 — Upgraded

FSX 2020 is required to upgrade:

A valid FSX 2020 (legacy) license key is required to purchase and run FSX Play.

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