Foresight Sports UpNext Junior Golfer Spotlight: Logan Wilde

Aug 07, 2023
Logan Wilde began playing at the age of 4 and started playing tournaments at 6. Today, Logan is a 10-year-old player who currently holds a 7.5 handicap. His list of accomplishments includes winning his US Kids Local tour seven times,…
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Foresight Sports Adds Free Premium Course for FSX Play Upgraders Through March 31

Mar 16, 2023
Now including Del Monte Golf Club, the new entertainment-focused software combines a cutting-edge gaming engine with true-to-life graphics to deliver an unbeatable user experience and value.
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What Is Smash Factor? How Can It Help My Golf Game?

Oct 18, 2022
Why Smash Factor is an Important Metric Whether you are playing baseball, tennis, or golf, the velocity of the ball when hit is only maximized when it is struck on the “sweet spot” of the implement being used to hit it.
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5 Goals to Set to Improve Your Golf Game

Dec 03, 2021
Whether you are just starting to golf or have been an avid golfer for years, everyone strives to improve their golf game. However, where many players struggle is not setting goals to work towards. Another bad habit is to set goals that are too lofty, unrealistic, and unattainable at their current skill levels. When establishing goals to help you improve your golf game, you need to focus on progress you can actually reach. For example, if you want to lower your golf score and handicap, you could set a goal where you will attempt to complete par 3 holes in exactly three strokes.
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How to Calculate Your Golf Handicap

Oct 05, 2021
The purpose of a golf handicap is to make the game of golf more competitive between players of different skill levels. Your handicap reflects your skill level based on the course’s par round total compared to your score. For example, your golf handicap is five. This means that the average of your previous golf rounds was five over par. As you play more rounds and record scores, your average and handicap can change. In general, the lower the golf handicap score, the more skilled you are at playing golf.
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