Foresight Sports UpNext Junior Golfer Spotlight: Logan Wilde

Aug 07, 2023 Foresight Sports UpNext Junior Golfer Spotlight: Logan Wilde

Logan Wilde began playing at the age of 4 and started playing tournaments at 6. Today, Logan is a 10-year-old player who currently holds a 7.5 handicap. His list of accomplishments includes winning his US Kids Local tour seven times, qualifying for the Pebble Beach regional drive chip and putt the last two years, placing 30th at the US Kids Worlds at Pinehurst, and just recently finishing in 9th place at the Red White and Blue US Kids – an event in which he was the youngest competitor in the field!

We are so excited to have Logan as this month’s UpNext Spotlight Athlete! For more information on the UpNext junior golf program visit our UpNext website to apply.

    • What got you interested in golf?

      When I was 2 years-old, my dad got me some plastic golf clubs and I started hitting balls in the house. I would watch the PGA tour and try to copy what they did on TV. Then he got me some real clubs and started taking me to the range. I would use anything I could as a golf club (sticks on hikes, toys in the house, whatever!).

    • What has been your favorite accomplishment/memory in golf so far?

      My favorite memory is when my dad took me to play Torrey Pines. My parents surprised me on Christmas and told me that I’d be going. My favorite accomplishment is probably the first time I qualified for US Kids Worlds in Pinehurst. I was so excited I started crying.

    • Which golfer do you most look up to?

      Rory Mcilroy because he has the best swing ever and he seems like a good guy. I also look up to Peter Kuest because he played at my favorite college BYU and he kept grinding until he Monday qualified twice and got on tour.

    • How has using Foresight technology helped your game?

      It’s made it so I can practice all through the long winters in Utah and it’s helped me get my distances dialed in for all the different tournaments we play around the country.

    • What is the dream you hope to achieve in the game of golf?

      To become #1 in the World, win 83 PGA tour events and 19 majors

How did you hear about Foresight Sports?

My Dad bought us a GC3 and I loved it!

Logan Wilde

Fun Questions:

  • What is your favorite Food?

    Orange chicken from Panda Express :)

  • Favorite vacation spot?

    Maui because Kapalua Plantation is my favorite course ever!

  • Outside of golf, what is your favorite passion? (sports, hobby, arts, etc)


  • What is your dream course you would like to play one day?

    If I could play any course in the whole world, it would be Cypress Point because the views look amazing and it’s super hard to get on.