UpNext Webinar - Nick Dunlap

Mar 22, 2024 UpNext Webinar - Nick Dunlap

The UpNext program provides its members with valuable information and advice from top coaches and players. We were beyond excited to speak with one of golf’s rising stars, Nick Dunlap, on the most recent installment of the UpNext webinar series.

The webinar covered the mindset and practices that have led to his success, his transition to play on the PGA Tour, and how Foresight technology has taken his game to new heights.

Nick recently became the first amateur golfer to win a PGA Tour in over 33 years. “My real goal was to play really well and make the cut...The cool thing about golf is that you can have the exact nerves playing in a PGA Tour event, as you would playing in your first junior club championship,” Dunlap mentioned as he reflected on making history.

He emphasized the importance of data and how knowing his distances is critical. “I’ve learned how important distances are, especially with my wedges. Being precise is very important, I may have 103 yards to the pin but if you hit it 107, you’re making a bogey,” as Dunlap alluded to the slimmest misses that can make or break a round.

Dunlap also discussed how the ease of use of Foresight technology optimizes his practice sessions and elevates his preparation.

“I use it a lot during my practice rounds. An underrated component of it all is being able to walk around with the Quad and place it by my ball, having that versatility is huge.”

The versatility of Foresight technology allows Dunlap to transition from the range to the course, always having the luxury of knowing his numbers in any environment. Dunlap described specific drills he implements with his GCQuad. “I’ll do a couple different games with myself. From 90 to 130 yards, I’m going to try and hit 90,100,110,120,130, with two or three different clubs. I’ll create a challenge each day depending on how I’m feeling.”

The full video of the webinar is posted above. We appreciate Nick’s time and look forward to rooting for him on the PGA Tour!

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