UpNext webinar - ASU Men’s Golf Associate Head Coach, Thomas Sutton

Jan 16, 2024 UpNext webinar - ASU Men’s Golf Assistant Coach, Thomas Sutton

From some of the industry's top coaches, to the top ranked amateur players in the world, our UpNext webinar series focuses on providing valuable and insightful information to our UpNext community! Some of our past webinar guest include:

  • James Hong - Director of Instruction at Harbor Links, Golf Digest Top Teacher in NY
  • Shane Wilding - Founder and CEO of the Wilding Golf Performance Centers
  • Michael Thorbjornsen - Top Ranked Amateur Player
  • Gordon Sargent - Top Ranked Amateur Player

We were extremely thankful to have hosted Associate Head Coach for the Arizona State Men’s Golf Team Thomas Sutton for our most recent webinar.

In our most recent webinar with Coach Thomas Sutton, we discussed how college player separate themselves from junior/high school players, what college coaches are looking for when offering scholarships, and the importance of distance control at the collegiate level.

Crucial to player development, the GCQuad has allowed players to take their distance control to the next level and truly know their numbers. “We are on a mission to get a Quad in everybody’s hand on the team. You can’t underestimate the value of being able to use it daily,” Sutton said. The GCQuad has transformed the way Coach Sutton’s players practice, and more importantly, play.

As our UpNext community strives to play at the collegiate level, Coach Sutton offered advice crucial to player development and what separates college players from high school/junior players:

ASU Men’s Golf Associate Head Coach, Thomas Sutton
“The thing that separates good players from great, top end players, is their self-belief. Golf is a tough game, and it's easy to beat yourself up. The very best players know they deserve to be there and back themselves when it really matters,” Sutton mentioned as he discussed the importance of mental toughness. Sutton also mentioned another differentiator is being a GREAT teammate. “We not only try to recruit the best players in the world, but also players that are going to be great teammates. Everybody brings a certain type of energy to the group. It’s important that we don’t have players in our group bringing the energy down,” - Coach Thomas Sutton

College athletics and the recruiting process can be a very stressful and time-consuming process. “Playing good in tournaments, sending a sincere email, following our team page on Instagram, and even having your swing coach send us a message,” are all great ways to reach out to college coaches, said Sutton. “If you’re really looking for genuine interest, send a really genuine email, and maybe even leave a voicemail. We want the players to lead and show their own interest in us.”

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Want to hear more from Coach Thomas Sutton? Check out the recorded version of the webinar.