3 Common Grips in Golf

Jun 17, 2021 three common grips in golf feature image

One of the most basic parts of the game of golf is your grip. This determines how you hold the club when swinging or putting—but did you know that there are three most common grips? These grips include:

  1. Ten-finger grip
  2. Overlapping grip
  3. Interlocking grip

While you will naturally grip the golf club in a way that feels the most natural and comfortable, it helps to know about the many grips that both amateur and professional golfers use.

For beginners, the ten-finger grip is the go-to option. This grip is neutral and feels very natural. It also has greater impact power when compared to other grips.

If you’re looking for freedom and control when gripping the club, consider the overlapping grip. This grip was popularized by Harry Vardon and is ideal for those with bigger hands.

For golfers who want to reduce club tension and want a more fluid swing, the interlocking grip is the way to go. Notable names such as Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus all use this grip.

There is no wrong or right way to grip the club. What’s most important is that you hold the club in a way that is comfortable and feels natural. You don’t want to force a grip that doesn’t feel right, as this will distract you and detract from your success on the course.

Not sure which grip is best for you? Do you want to practice grips before hitting the green and playing a live round? A golf simulator or launch monitor is the ideal way to not only figure out the right grip but perfect your swing.

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Three Common Grips in Golf Infographic