Foresight Sports UpNext Junior Golfer Spotlight: Haley Shubin

Sep 26, 2023 Foresight Sports UpNext Junior Golfer Spotlight: Haley Shubin

Haley Shubin fell in love with the game of golf at the age of 8. While she attended her first golf lesson at the age of 4, she played many other sports before giving golf her full attention. She started competing in tournaments at age 9. She started out playing doubles tournaments with her twin brother then advanced to solo tournaments in a local league. After winning several tournaments in a local league, her parents graduated her to the SCPGA Jr. Tour and FCG National Tour where she’s recently taken home two first place wins.

We are so excited to have Haley as this month’s UpNext Spotlight Athlete! For more information on the UpNext junior golf program visit our website to apply!

What got you interested in golf?

My parents started taking me out on different golf courses when I was probably 7. Before that, I had just occasionally gone to the range, but I loved everything about the course. I loved the excitement I got when I hit a good shot or sank a putt! I was hooked from that point forward!!

What has been your favorite accomplishment/memory in golf so far?

I will always remember winning my first SCPGA Jr. Tour event and FCG National Tour event.

Which golfer do you most look up to?

I look up to Nelly Korda because she has a smooth and incredible swing. She also keeps her head in the game when things don’t go her way.

How has using Foresight technology helped your game?

My parents got me the Foresight GC Quad and it's been nothing short of amazing for my game. It gives me all the swing data I need so I can make necessary adjustments to my swing and ultimately keep the ball straight and in the fairway. It’s really helping me dial in my swing. Plus, there’s nothing like practicing in an air-conditioned room.

What is the dream you hope to achieve in the game of golf?

I would love to become a professional golfer and someday play in LPGA events. Ultimately, I want to work hard and see where the game takes me. I also want to be an ambassador for the sport and attract younger generations to the game.

How did you hear about Foresight Sports?

My coach has the GCQuad so I already knew how awesome it was before I got one of my own!

Haley Shubin

Fun Questions:

What is your favorite Food?

Chick-fil-A all day!:)

Favorite vacation spot?

Anywhere there’s a new golf course I haven’t played. If you couldn’t tell already, I’m a little obsessed with the game. My parents have taken us on quick trips to Torrey Pines, Pelican Hill Golf Club and Monarch Beach Golf Links and they are all so amazing. I also love Destin, FL and its white sandy beaches.

Outside of golf, what is your favorite passion? (sports, hobby, arts, etc)

I love traveling with my family. If there happens to be a golf course there…

What is your dream course you would like to play one day?

I would love to play Pebble Beach. Specifically, the 7th hole. I’d also absolutely love to play Augusta National Golf Course.