Foresight Sports Adds Free Premium Course for FSX Play Upgraders Through March 31

Mar 16, 2023

Now including Del Monte Golf Club, the new entertainment-focused software combines a cutting-edge gaming engine with true-to-life graphics to deliver an unbeatable user experience and value.

More than a decade after the debut of its widely used FSX (“Foresight Sports Experience”) software offering, Foresight Sports has launched its game-focused, next-generation FSX Play upgrade that sets a new standard in on-course game realism and in-game fun. And anyone who has previously purchased or purchases the new FSX Play upgrade through March 31 will receive both La Jolla Pines and Del Monte Golf Club – each a $250 premium course – for free.

Del Monte Golf Club, which is expected to release April 1 and will be available exclusively to FSX Play users, is known as the “Oldest course in Monterey” and part of the iconic Pebble Beach portfolio of courses. Foresight Sports’ support team will contact all upgrade purchasers for download and activation details upon release. Historic La Jolla Pines’ picturesque and widely recognizable championship 18-hole course is offered as part of the FSX Play package and is available now.

After March 31, users upgrading to FSX Play will continue to receive La Jolla Pines as a part of their purchase, but Del Monte Golf Club will be offered separately for $250 per license. For FSX 2020 users who have purchased courses, FSX Play versions of the same courses can be downloaded at no charge as they become available.

The new game-focused FSX Play platform is built on the powerful Unity graphics engine and features in-game enhancements including 3D grass, hyper-realistic textures and enhanced lighting that emulates real-world golf like no other virtual game platform. Currently available game modes include full course play on a growing library of courses, range practice on the stunning, all-new Paris range, as well as long drive and closest-to-pin competitions. More enhancements will be forthcoming in regular updates.

For more information on the new FSX Play software and to purchase the upgrade, visit our store.