How to Drive a Golf Ball Straight

Apr 24, 2021 Hitting the perfect golf shot

Although it may sound like something simple, hitting a golf ball straight can be an incredibly difficult technique to master. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Read on to learn about the secrets to driving a golf ball straight every time.


The better your stance, the straighter you’ll be able to hit the ball. That being said, you’ll want to ensure that your legs are shoulder-width apart and that your knees are slightly bent.

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This narrow stance and bent knees are both important things to have in place because they will help you achieve the position you’ll need to swing your club effectively.

You’ll also benefit from ensuring that your shoulders and legs are positioned so they’re parallel to where you want the ball to travel.

If you’re looking to cover a lot of distance, keep your feet wider apart. For control and accuracy, assume a narrower stance that positions your feet just beyond the width of your shoulders.

Pro Tip: Envision a straight line leading from your ball to the hole, or other target, and align your legs and shoulders so they’re parallel to this line.


Driving straight requires the ball to be whipped, not chopped. Whipping the ball has everything to do with where and how you grip your club. Where should you grip your golf club? High up, toward the end of the grip. This will bring the maximum amount of power to your swing.

Pro Tip: While this method provides a lot of power, it will do so at the cost of accuracy. For improved accuracy, try gripping the club lower and away from the end of the club.


The next portion of driving your ball in a straight line, the golf swing, will involve two parts: the pre-shot routine and the swing motion itself.

High on the Grip Pre-Shot Routine

As you already know, gripping your club high will allow you to put the most amount of power behind your swing. If swinging in this way, your pre-shot routine will be to draw your club upward and back as you shift your weight to your right foot. Don’t forget to keep your eye on the ball!

Pro Tip: Don’t use too much backswing.

Low on the Grip Pre-Shot Routine

If you’re holding the club lower on the grip, pull your club upward and backward, keeping an even weight distribution as you do a slight weight shift over to your right foot. Ensure you’re centered with the ball by keeping your torso and head straight.

Pro Tip: When pulling the club backward, do so at moderate swing speed.

High on the Grip Swing

Remembering the “whip, not chop” advice given earlier, bring your club down and hit the ball, ensuring that the face of your club hits the center of the ball.

Pro Tip: Aim to make contact with the ball from underneath as you swing upward and follow through.

Low on the Grip Swing

“Whip, not chop” also applies to driving the ball lower on the grip. Bring your club down with a swing that’s strong, but not overly strong. Ensure your club face is flat when you strike the ball off the tee.

Pro Tip: Aim to make contact with the ball by hitting the driver just under the ball’s center and at the midpoint of your swing.

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No matter where you grip your club, maintaining good form as you swing will make all the difference.

Other Contributors to a Straighter Drive

Stance, grip, pre-shot routines and swing all have a significant impact on the straightness of your drive, but you can also fine-tune other aspects to hit the ball straight.

Tee Placement

If you want a straight tee shot that covers a lot of ground, you’ll want to tee the ball high. Do this by sinking the tip of the tee just below the surface of the ground.

For a more controlled and accurate shot, you’ll need a lower tee. Do this by sinking the tee about halfway into the ground.

Stress Level

Whether you’re looking to achieve a straighter drive or trying to perfect another shot, your level of stress and relaxation as you stand, grip, and swing will definitely matter. Ensuring you’re relaxed and free of stress will allow your entire body to be more relaxed.

The Right Club

The right club will aid your effort to make a straight drive, not hinder it. Ensure you choose a club with flexibility, so it will be in tune with your shot distance and strength.

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