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There’s no one exactly right way to play golf. Over the last six hundred or so years this game has been played, techniques and strategies have been constantly evolving.

Of course, there are basics that you’ll need to get right, but even now nothing is set in stone. Certain swings, movements, and clubs come and go like any other trend. New players will arrive with new techniques, and old techniques will become less popular.

One of the best ways to improve your golf game is to improve your course management skills. While it helps to have a solid swing, making smart decisions as you navigate the course can be a huge game-changer.

Having superior course management skills will take you much further than just having the physical skills. Keep reading to learn about some advanced course management skills so that you can lower your scores.

Whether you’re a longtime golf player or just starting out, in almost every session you’ll be looking to improve your game. After all, the better you get, the better the game gets. You’ll have more fun, be able to play more courses, start beating your friends, and, above all, have that wonderful sense of self-accomplishment that comes with a round well played.

One of the many wonderful things about golf is that it’s about so much more than just raw strength. In fact, golf, more so than maybe any other sport, is a game where your mental abilities are just as important as your physical abilities—where having the right mindset and intelligence can make all the difference between an average day on the hole and an excellent one.

Every level of golf player should be cultivating and strengthening their mental game just as much as they work on their swing. With enough practice, you’ll find you can lower your score with no extra physical effort!

One of the most enduring debates in golf is the importance of the long game versus the short game. Does distance off the tee really matter? What should you focus on to lower your score by the biggest amount?

The answer to this is, as you might expect, more complicated than it seems. After all, we wouldn’t still be having this debate if it were easy to answer!

Here, we’re going to look into the arguments for both sides and weigh in with our own opinion on the matter.