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    The Health Benefits of Golf

    April 22nd, 2021
    While many assume that golf is nothing more than a social sport, especially for amateurs, this couldn’t be any further from the truth! Playing a few rounds of golf a few times a month offers a wide range of health benefits. Did you know that the average 18-hole golf course involves walking 3-6 miles? Walking is a low-impact exercise that is easy on the knees and feet. Most golfers burn 350-475 calories each hour!
  • Why The ForeCaddy Is The Best Gift You Can Give Yourself (Infographic)

    Why The ForeCaddy Is The Best Gift You Can Give Yourself

    April 7th, 2021
    Ready to upgrade your golf game? One tool could make all the difference. Buying new clubs and accessories might seem like the logical choice, but they might not make a big difference if you already have great equipment—or great skills, for that matter. Instead of upgrading your equipment, why not upgrade the way you carry it? This season, treat yourself to the ForeCaddy, the latest smart cart from Foresight Sports.
  • Female golfer learning golfing, male instructor helping.

    How Much Are Golf Lessons?

    April 1st, 2021
    There are many ways to get better at the game of golf. For beginners, golf lessons are a worthwhile investment, especially if you’re serious about improving your game in every aspect possible. With quality golf lessons, you can learn the rules and techniques of the sport while also improving your swings.
  • golf stimulator in living room with a green view outside

    How Much Is a Golf Simulator?

    March 25th, 2021
    Who doesn’t dream about waking up, drinking a cup of coffee, and then playing a round of golf? For most people, this would require hopping in the car and making a trip to a local golf course. Yet, with a golf simulator, you can enjoy a round—or two!—from the comfort of your own home.
  • golf player hitting ball in draw position at course

    How to Get Better at Golf

    March 4th, 2021
    Getting better at golf boils down to being able to reduce strokes off of your score, but this can feel like an uphill battle, especially when you often find yourself over par and hitting slices. The good news is that there’s always room for improvement! Before investing a lot of time and money into improving your golf skills, consider some of these simple changes that can have a huge impact. Keep reading to learn tips and tricks for how to improve your golf game.
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