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    5 Good Habits for Successful Golfers

    June 25th, 2021
    There are no wrong or right ways to get better at golf. While most people immediately think of joining a golf club or training with a pro golfer, there are often simple things that can be done to improve your play on the course. Wondering how to be good at golf? Here are 5 habits that all successful golfers use each time they hit the green.
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    Tips for Lowering Your Golf Handicap

    June 17th, 2021
    Understanding how your golf handicap affects your game is an essential part of golf. Handicaps allow less skilled players to be evenly matched with more experienced players. As a result, players are better equipped to play on fairly equal terms. Why does a handicap matter in golf? The purpose of golf handicaps is to help players better measure their potential. A handicap should never be viewed as an average of your previous games or how well or bad you did. Rather, handicaps help you determine the number of strokes above or below par you could achieve.
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    3 Common Grips in Golf

    June 17th, 2021
    One of the most basic parts of the game of golf is your grip. This determines how you hold the club when swinging or putting—but did you know that there are three most common grips? These grips include: Ten-finger grip Overlapping grip Interlocking grip While you will naturally grip the golf club in a way that feels the most natural and comfortable, it helps to know about the many grips that both amateur and professional golfers use.
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    Top Ten Tips to Get Better at Golf Without Lessons

    June 1st, 2021
    Golf lessons may seem like the only way to get better at golf. What could be more ideal than learning from someone who has years of experience and wisdom on the course? While golf lessons can be helpful, they aren’t required. In fact, a small percentage of golfers seek instruction from a professional.
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    What It Takes to Go Pro in Golf

    May 2nd, 2021
    Becoming a professional golfer is a lofty goal, but that doesn’t mean it’s an impossible one! Besides, Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Phil Mickelson, and other greats were once novice golf players too. If you’re serious about going pro in golf, there are some things you’ll want to do to start paving your path to the PGA. Keep reading to learn about some of the best tips and tricks for how to go pro in golf.