21 Golf Achievements to Conquer in Your Lifetime: The Golf Bucket List

Aug 10, 2019 man putting a golf ball

You live golf, you breathe golf, and now you’re starting to even dream about golf. Every day you wake up, hungry for more, itching to get out your golf swing analyzer and whittle down that handicap.

If that sounds like you, and you’re as golf-obsessed as we are, you’re probably ready to set yourself some new challenges—to finally put together your golf bucket list and get to work on those dreams.

What should you put on there? From the most famous golf courses in the world to enriching personal achievements, to irresistibly unique golf experiences, we’ve got some inspirational ideas to get you started.

The Golf Bucket List

golf course with palm trees and lake

  1. Hit a hole-in-one – We’ll start off with the obvious one. You might not be specifically chasing the ace every time you play, but just try to deny that you’d like to hit one at least once in your lifetime.
  2. Play a course on every continent and find the best golfing destinations in the world – Are you really a serious golfer if you’re not traveling to the ends of the earth to get your fix? Step outside, and you’ll find an incredible range of exotic destinations all over the world, from Vipingo Ridge in Kenya to the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in China. Bonus points if you tee off in Antarctica!
  3. Play some night golf – Struggling to challenge yourself? Try golfing under the stars, which is actually far more atmospheric and far less frustrating than you might imagine. Add a romantic dinner at the 19th hole, and it’ll be a night you never forget.
  4. Reach a single-digit handicap – This is what practice is all about: seeing yourself get visibly and statistically better, every time you play. We may never reach pro, but hitting single digits on your handicap is a wonderful achievement—and not one that many can say they’ve done!
  5. Play the hardest golf course in the world – Now that you’ve honed your skills, it’s time to put them to the test. Debates rage on as to which championship course is the hardest, but our money’s on Kiawah Island in South Carolina. Feel free to choose your own, though.
  6. Drastically increase your yardage by playing on the moon – Don’t laugh: The dream of playing in low-gravity conditions is actually closer than you think. Elon Musk, Richard Branson, and Eric C. Anderson all claim they’ll be able to (eventually) get you there, and the first flights should be leaving within the next twenty years or so. Better start packing.
  7. Have your own hole at the office – You know you’ve made it in golf, and in life, when you can practice your short game while you’re supposed to be working. We’re not talking about hitting into a sideways water glass, either. Real bosses use AstroTurf.
  8. Have your own hole at home – While you’re at it, why not build your own hole at home too? You might need a couple of spare acres and a dedicated greenskeeper, but imagine how jealous your neighbors will be.
  9. Hit a successful Happy Gilmore shot – Go on. You know you’ve been itching to try it ever since that movie came out. How hard could it be? Surely you can’t embarrass yourself that much, right?
  1. Play the longest golf course in the world – This title goes to the Nullarbor Links in South Australia, whose 18 holes stretch over 850 miles, give or take, of classic outback landscape. The best part about it, apart from the view? Nullarbor means “no trees.”
  2. Dominate the very, very short game – If you’ve got no patience for that kind of course, maybe it’s time to become the king of the short game. Pull out your carbon-fiber mallet, get down to your local mini-golf, and make some kids cry.
  3. Play the most beautiful golf course in the world – The wonderful thing about golf bucket lists is how personal they are. While we’ve got our own ideas of what the most beautiful course in the world is (Kauri Cliffs in New Zealand), your opinion’s no doubt going to be completely different. Maybe you like the rugged beauty of the first golf course in the world, St. Andrews? Whatever it is, and whatever you’re dreaming of playing on, get out there and do it.
  4. Party at the Waste Management Open – Well known for its, shall we say, “relaxed” atmosphere, the Waste Management Tournament (also called the Phoenix Open) is one of the highlights of the PGA Tour. Think of it as Rio’s Carnival, but for golf fans.
  5. Caddy for a pro – Sure, it doesn’t exactly sound like a dream job, but just think about all the advice, insider information, and juicy PGA gossip you’d be getting. The pay’s not bad, either, and imagine helping your golfing hero get a win! Most of the PGA caddies have already been at their jobs for a decade or more, though, so you’d better start training now.
  6. Make yourself proud in a tournament – Don’t worry about being in the top three. Honestly, if you manage to rank well enough for tournament play, and you’re proud of your game, then that’s exactly what the golf experience is all about. Well done.
  7. Play on the runway of an international airport – Another unusual Australian golf course, this time in the tiny overseas territory of the Cocos (Keeling) Islands. Space is at a premium here, so the local club has had to use the airport runway as part of the course. A runway that’s still used by commercial flights, we should add.
  8. Lose your shirt playing skins – Nothing adds pressure like playing for money, especially when you’ve made the stakes high enough—but what fun is it when you win all the time? Dream big and literally go for broke by challenging a much tougher opponent.
  9. Play on 100 public courses in the United States – America’s packed full of changing landscapes and interesting places, and there’s no better evidence of that than at our public courses. Get out there and visit those unexplored corners of the country—you never know what gems you might find.
  10. Play at the most expensive golf course in the world – At an eye-watering $525, plus caddie and cart fees, Pebble Beach tops the list of wallet-emptying greens. As one of the most iconic golf courses in America, though, it’s definitely worth it! If that’s just loose change to you, take it to the next level and get a membership at Augusta. That might be a slightly trickier challenge.
  11. Set up a charity game – You haven’t really done golf until you’ve experienced how it can be a force for good. Running a charity game will be tough, tiring, and time-consuming, but, when the players all come together and give something to those less fortunate, it can be a fun, rich, once-in-a-lifetime experience.
  12. Pass on the knowledge – One of the best things about golf is the community that surrounds it, but, unless you’re keeping the next generation interested, that amazing community will dry up. Helping out younger players and passing on your skills can be incredibly rewarding and a sign of your ultimate dedication to the sport.

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