Choose a Launch Monitor as Your Golf Swing Analyzer

Aug 28, 2018 A golf launch monitor set up outdoor to analyse swings.

As a golfer, you know it’s nearly impossible to hide from a poor swing. The game has an uncanny way of finding and exposing weaknesses. But if you’re committed to reaching your goals, reducing strokes, and generally playing a better round of golf, it’s critical to start improving your swing as quickly as possible.

One great way to do just that is through the use of a golf swing analyzer. What is a swing analyzer? Well, as the name indicates, it’s a device which uses video, camera, or other similar technology to analyze your golf swing. While there are a several options on the market today, many top golfers and coaches will tell you that the best golf swing analyzer is a high quality launch monitor.

Let’s look at why.

It’s All About Precision

software showing accuracy of launch monitor

Golf puts a premium on being precise with each and every shot. For example, when hitting an approach shot from a hundred and eighty yards away, you can’t afford to be much more than a couple degrees off from square in terms of your face angle. If your club face is too open or closed, you will have no chance of finding the green.

By using a launch monitor as your golf analyzer, you can trust that the data being measured is with extreme precision. No matter what piece of data is being analyzed by you or your golf instructor, you will know that it is accurate. Some of the data you can utilize includes:

  • 1. Club path
  • 2. Face angle
  • 3. Impact location
  • 4. Launch angle
  • 5. Spin rate
  • 6. Attack angle
  • 7. And on and on…

Inaccurate data is as good as useless in the game of golf. Serious golfers need to know that they can trust the numbers they’re seeing. This is why a launch monitor is the only way to go for a swing analyzer.

Don’t Forget the Short Game

gcquad launch monitor analyzing putting stroke

Every serious golfer knows that their short game is just as important as their long game. You can hit perfect golf shots from tee to green, but you aren’t going to shoot lower scores if you don’t put the ball in the cup.

Toward that end, a launch monitor can help you analyze all of the important putting metrics. Just as the small details can make a big difference in your swing, the same can be said for your putting stroke. Missing your line even fractionally can send your ball rolling right by the cup. Fine tune your short game through the use of a launch monitor and you may see more putts made and lower scores shot.

The Problem with Wearables

As you’ve searched for a golf swing analysis device to help you make progress with your game, you’ve no doubt encountered the many wearables on the market. At first, it might seem like these are a great solution for your data-collection needs, but a closer inspection tells a different story.

The first issue with a wearable device can be found right in the name – you have to wear it. Making a swing while wearing something around your wrist might not be particularly comfortable, and it may throw you out of your rhythm. If you are like most golfers, you want to keep things as consistent as possible from shot to shot, without adding equipment that may change your feel.

Also – and perhaps more importantly – a wearable device simply isn’t going to be as accurate as a launch monitor. That’s just the way it is. The way a launch monitor works allows it to collect data which is far more precise and reliable than what you’ll get from a wearable device. Unless you are okay with doubting the validity of your data, you are going to want to opt for the best swing analyzer available, which is a launch monitor and the accuracy it provides.

Ready to Improve Your Swing?

different metrics recorded from launch monitor

Foresight Sports offers a collection of launch monitors all designed with one single goal in mind – to make you a better golfer. We feature high-quality products, an easy-to-use app, great prices, and excellent support. For the player who is determined to take a big step forward out on the course, the foundation of an improved game can be laid by working with our devices.

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