Golf Swing Aids: What Are They and How Can They Help?

Dec 15, 2018 Golfer with poor swinging form

Most golfers are obsessed with the thought of shooting lower scores. It’s a large part of what keeps players coming back round after round—the desire to set a new personal record or just bring that handicap down by a stroke or two.

There are a few methods of improvement worth pursuing. You may decide to take lessons from a local teaching pro or you may buy new equipment. Another option is to use golf swing aids in order to improve your technique. You shouldn’t expect golf training aids to address all of your problems, but they can be useful when used to address a specific issue or fault.

Of course, when looking for a training aid that goes beyond the basic mechanics of a player’s swing, a key piece of technology to consider is a launch monitor. While professional launch monitors like the GCQuad primarily analyze the action and dynamics of the club head and ball at the time of impact, this data reveals general offers the most comprehensive insight on what a player is doing correctly - and incorrectly - in their swing.

In Search of Tempo

orange whip golf trainer

A common reason to use golf swing training aids is to improve the rhythm of your swing. Having a smooth tempo back and through is highly desirable, but it can be difficult to achieve. With that in mind, many of the best golf training aids are designed to address this problem.

One of the most popular is called the Orange Whip. This device looks extremely simple—and it is—but don’t be fooled by that simplicity. It’s highly effective in helping the golfer to feel a smooth, rhythmic swing. In addition to using the Orange Whip as part of your practice routine, you may find that it is a great device for getting warmed up prior to a round.

Details on the Greens

eyeline putting mirrorYour success or failure on the greens is largely going to be determined by your ability to master the basics. If you can keep your fundamentals in place, you should be on the right track. To help with that pursuit, one of the best putting aids is the Eyeline Putting Mirror. This small mirror is meant to be placed on the ground as you practice your putting stroke. It will allow you to check the position of your eyes as you take your stance, and it also has a number of lines on the surface of the mirror to confirm alignment.

If you’d like to get deep into the details of your technique in order to make more putts, this is a great practice partner.

It's All About You

Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind as you shop for a golf swing trainer is the fact that it needs to address issues which are currently holding you back. It would be silly to purchase a swing aid just because it was highly rated, even though its purpose is not something that you need help with at the moment. Think about the places where your golf swing falls short, and then select the product or products which will help you improve in a meaningful way.

While launch monitors are not traditionally lumped into the category of golf training aids, they certainly can accomplish the same goal. That is particularly true when you use a quality launch monitor from Foresight Sports. With accurate data on your side, improved play should be right around the corner. Contact us at your convenience to learn more.