The Perfect Drive – What Experts Say About How to Best Tee Off

Sep 07, 2018 A golf launch monitor set up outdoor to analyse swings.

In golf, every shot you hit is important. You can’t take any of them for granted because they all have the potential to go wrong in one way or another. From the longest drive to the shortest putt, each and every stroke is crucial—which is why driving a golf ball is such a valuable step on the road to playing better golf.

If you are willing to take proactive steps to improve your driving, like reading golf tips or using a golf swing analyzer app to track your performance, you will have a great chance to move ahead of the competition

Building a Great Foundation

You might swing the club with your arms, but the entire body has a role to play in the golf swing. At address, your lower body needs to get involved by building a solid stance on which you can make an aggressive, confident swing. Set your feet slightly outside shoulder width apart and put plenty of flex in your knees. Building a great stance alone certainly doesn’t guarantee you a perfect golf drive, but it’s a nice way to start.

Let the Shoulders Work

To build up the potential for a high swing speed which can eventually be unleashed into the back of the ball, make sure you rotate your shoulders. Everyone has a different level of flexibility, so you may or may not be able to rotate as well as the others in your group, but aim to have your back facing the target at the top of the swing. If you can rotate your shoulders fully away from the target while maintaining a stable base in your lower half, you’ll be set up nicely for an excellent downswing.

A Beautiful Transition

fairway golf course

Perhaps the single most important part of hitting the ball powerfully with your driver is the transition from backswing to downswing. This move needs to be seamless in order for your drives to have the kind of power and accuracy you would like to see. How do you make a seamless transition at the top of the swing? It’s actually pretty simple—you start turning your hips toward the target before your shoulders are done turning away. By overlapping these two movements, you’ll develop a smooth transition that should serve you quite well out on the course.

Commitment Required

Even if you use an excellent golf driving technique to produce your swing, you still need to commit to that swing completely if you expect to be successful. Too many golfers give up on their swing prematurely, trying to guide the ball into the fairway because they are worried about making a mistake. Don’t put yourself in that category. Trust the swing you have built, focus on your target, and let it rip.

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