COVID-19 and Golf Courses

Jun 01, 2020 face mask for golfer on green grass

Compared to other sports, golf is one of the safest activities to participate in during the COVID-19 pandemic. Golf isn’t a contact sport and, in general, it doesn’t require that you come in close contact with other players. Yet, it’s still more important than ever to take proper precautions when you’re out on the green.

Here’s what you need to know about safely golfing during the COVID-19 pandemic and why an at-home golf simulator may be the best option for some avid golfers.

Continue to Social Distance

As states begin to open back up, continuing to follow social distancing protocols is a must, even on the golf course. Since it’s likely that you will be sharing the golf course with dozens of other golfers, it’s important to maintain a safe social distance.

If you’re golfing in a group, ensure you’re around no more than 10 people at once. The CDC recommends staying at least six feet away from others to best protect yourself against the spread of germs and bacteria.

Another key part of social distancing is avoiding sharing a golf cart unless with an immediate family member who lives with you. While it may be tempting to share a cart with your friends, it’s safest to be close to only those with whom you live and are exposed to regularly.

While it’s likely second nature to shake hands after a round, or to socialize in the clubhouse once you’re done, it’s best to avoid these activities to protect yourself and others. If you must be in close contact, wearing a mask is a must.

Sanitize Often

Even while maintaining a social distance, it’s helpful to sanitize often, especially if you’re considering a round or two of indoor golf.

Before hitting the course, make sure that you pack disinfecting gel or wipes that you can use throughout the day. This way, you can minimize the spread of germs, in the event that you have to share a club with a fellow golfer or you come into contact with a high-touch area.

When renting a golf cart, be sure to disinfect the steering wheel, seats, and any other areas that may have been touched by a previous golfer.

indoor virtual golf simulator

Ensure 100% Safety with Foresight Sports

If you’re high-risk or want to be able to enjoy golf without putting yourself in a high-risk situation, the best thing you can do is to invest in a home golf simulator. At Foresight Sports, we sell all of the products you need to turn any space in your home into the ultimate golf course.

This means you can enjoy your love of golf in your garage, basement, or anywhere else in your home. Our professional-grade golf simulators allow you to improve your game so that you can be better than ever once golf courses return to a new normal.

Interested in a custom golf performance simulator for your home? If so, contact the Foresight Sports team today. Call us at (858) 880-0179 so that you can play golf without putting your health at risk.