PGA Magazine Highlights Foresight Sports’ Focus to Help Players "Get in the Game"

Jan 10, 2014 An article about Foresight Sports published on PGA Magazine.

Its first three years in business have been a huge hit. Now Foresight Sports has an ambitious plan to make sure its next three years are an unforgettable encore.

The San Diego-based company is known for its groundbreaking GC2 Smart Camera System and HMT Head Measurement Technology products, which utilize proprietary stereoscopic imaging instead of radar-based technologies. Since hitting the market in April 2010, Foresight Sports has seen swift and steady adoption of its products for club fitting, teaching, simulation and R&D by individual golf clubs and teaching academies, golf equipment manufacturers and large retailers.

Foresight Sports is now refreshing its product line and sharpening its focus with a major new initiative that will be on display this month at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Fla. The company is rolling out a new three-year plan to use its technology to help PGA Professionals grow the game of golf in new and exciting ways.

“We’re proud of our accomplishments over the past three years, but we have a bigger vision for what our technology can do for the game and for PGA Professionals,” says Jon Watters of Foresight Sports. “Everyone in the sport is concerned that player participation has been flat or declining, and that the game doesn’t have the growth it used to enjoy. So we’ve been working on ways for us, as a leader in technology, to help bring the game back to a position of growth with a new campaign we call ‘Get In the Game.’”

The “Get In the Game” campaign is based on the idea that technology can attract new players to the game and engage current players better by providing a more appealing golf experience – especially on the range – the typical entry point for all players. Because Foresight Sports technology can be used indoors as well as outdoors, the company has created a unique golf simulator that can be used in a setting where players can see their ball flight as each shot travels downrange, and also see simulated 3-D ball flight and resulting shot statistics instantly on a high definition interactive touch screen monitor.

The first phase of the “Get in the Game” campaign is focused on the launch of the GC2K Performance Kiosk; a one-piece product that integrates the company’s proven GC2 Smart Camera System into a rugged kiosk that includes a built-in high definition interactive touch screen monitor, video camera, PC and software. Like the GC2, it requires no calibration, no special golf clubs or marked balls.

“It’s a standalone solution that we’ve been testing with multiple facilities in a pilot program, and they’re all seeing great success,” Watters says. “Our products are known for their ease of use, and you can have the GC2K Performance Kiosk up and running – and serving customers – in minutes.”

The GC2K Performance Kiosk allows golfers to hit balls and see their shots displayed on a virtual range, or play courses with breathtaking graphics, or compete online in fun target games and challenges, all of which they can share through social media connections embedded in the software.

“What we see in our global test markets is people embracing golf as a fun activity they can share with their friends. We’re seeing golfers bringing their non-golfer friends with them, where the experience is easy – not as threatening as going out on the golf course – and it takes the monotony out of just hitting balls on the range,” Watters says. “When that happens, they’re much more likely to return.”

For a PGA Professional, golf course or driving range owner, the unit provides a number of ways to drive revenue, from software-aided lessons and club fitting to online leagues and tournaments. And as Foresight Sports is recognized for bringing top-notch technology to market at affordable prices the GC2K Performance Kiosk is no different. Owners can buy, lease or even pay-by-the-shot, virtually eliminating the barriers to entry.

“What consumers expect today is to have a fun experience with technology that is accurate and easy to use. For golfers of all levels, the GC2K Performance Kiosk delivers all that and more,” says Watters. “We call it a Range Changer!”