How to Prepare to Play Championship Golf Courses Using Equipment

Aug 01, 2019 people watching golf tournament

While we love practicing indoors with golf training aids, sometimes there’s nothing better than getting out there and facing up to the competition on a world-class golf course. However, the mentality and style of play on a championship course can be far different from what the average player might be used to, so let’s talk about how to play a tournament the right way to have a solid chance at success.

The best word to describe what it takes to dominate a championship course? Preparation.

Here’s how to get ready for a golf tournament like a pro, and what you can do to settle those nerves.

Mental Preparation for Golf Tournaments

The championship courses selected for major golf tournaments tend to inspire a mixture of awe and fear – even for the pros! Half of the battle is going to be the mental process of getting yourself into the right headspace to conquer the course. Here are a few tips to help:

  • Arrive early, before the crowds arrive, to give yourself time to prepare—but not so early that you’re sitting around waiting to get started.
  • Study the course beforehand, so you know what to expect and aren’t surprised by any of the features. Try to find the highest quality course overview that you can, including green speeds and slopes.
  • As you study the course, make a plan about how you’re going to approach each hole. Write it out, compare it with any information you find online, and keep it with you as you play.
  • Be sure to warm up, using the same routine that you would for other courses or the driving range. Familiar movements are great for settling the nerves.
  • Be prepared for extra noise, especially if there are big crowds. One way of getting used to noise is to practice at your local driving range during the busiest periods instead of the quieter times.
  • Maintain focus throughout the day, and avoid distractions. It may seem like overkill, but teaching yourself mindfulness and meditation techniques will be invaluable for a variety of high-pressure situations, including championship golf.
  • Don’t forget to have some fun! If you’re not a regular on championship courses, savor the moment and enjoy yourself. Share a laugh with others on the course and keep things light. It’s a great way to calm the nerves.

Practicing for the Course

golf simulator with launch monitor

We don’t need to tell you the importance of practice. But are you practicing the right way?

In the lead up to playing in a tournament or on a championship course, it’s a good idea to practice the holes which you’ll be playing that day. High-tech golf simulators have made this easier than ever before, and it gives you a fantastic opportunity to test out and refine that plan you prepared earlier.

Get in some good sessions with the complete range of clubs, not just the ones you plan on using, as you may have to improvise and change your approach to a hole if things don’t go to plan. You’ll want both familiarity with the main clubs you’ll be using, as well as the ability to adapt.

Finally, try out the course in a variety of different weather conditions, including wind, temperature, and humidity. Deliberately set up some tricky shots, including from the hazards, too. Prepare for everything, and you’ll be calm no matter what happens.

Practice Like You’re Already There with Equipment You Can Trust

Started working on your golf tournament strategy? When it comes to tournament preparation, a full-featured, high-definition golf simulator is going to be your best friend.

Coupled with a best-in-class launch monitor like the GC2 or GCQuad, our 4K golf simulators will not only let you analyze dozens of major championship courses in stunningly rich detail but also let you practice on them. With every club, in any conditions, and from any position, with total precision. Like you’re already there.

Winning the biggest golf tournaments is about preparation and the confidence that comes from knowing you’re ready. With unparalleled realism and data accuracy, Foresight Sport’s range of launch monitors and customizable simulators will get you there. Contact us now to find out more.