How Much Is a Golf Simulator?

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Who doesn’t dream about waking up, drinking a cup of coffee, and then playing a round of golf? For most people, this would require hopping in the car and making a trip to a local golf course. Yet, with a golf simulator, you can enjoy a round—or two!—from the comfort of your own home.

In the past, golf simulators were seen as a luxury item that only a small percent of the population could afford. However, thanks to technology advances and cost reductions, there are many at-home golf simulators that are available at a much more affordable price tag.

So, how much is a golf simulator? Golfers can expect to pay anywhere from $500 up to $60,000+ for an at-home golf simulator. No matter what you can afford to spend, chances are that there’s a golf simulator out there that will meet your budget, along with any space constraints you may have.

Keep reading to learn about what influences the cost of residential golf simulators, along with some recommendations at low, medium, and high price ranges.

Types of Golf Simulators

Before deciding on a golf simulator to use in your home, it’s important to understand the three main types of simulators available on the market. This way, you can make an informed decision when choosing the best option for your needs, space, and budget.


Foresight Sports is one of the biggest manufacturers of photometric golf simulators. These products are camera-based systems that are designed to capture high speed images of the ball as soon as the club makes impact. The images are then analyzed in order to gather the measurements needed to determine shot shape and distance.

What’s nice about photometric golf simulators is that they can be used indoors and outdoors. This added flexibility means you can get twice the use out of this kind of simulator.


Radar simulators, also known as doppler simulators, use doppler radar in order to track and measure the ball. The same technology is applied when used to track aircraft, vehicles, and even weather systems.

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In doppler radar golf simulators, a microwave signal is emitted and is returned when the club makes impact with the ball. For best results, this type of simulator needs enough room to track the ball’s flight post-impact. This means that there is a larger amount of space required in order to use a radar golf simulator.

Doppler radar simulators are best used outdoors, but can be used indoors if you have a large enough space.


Infrared golf simulators use a light signal in order to pinpoint and capture the position of the clubhead when swinging. Because the simulator captures clubhead data, a real ball doesn’t have to be used.

Infrared golf simulators are not as reliable as photometric or radar-based systems, but they are still reliable and can be effectively used to improve your game.

Why a Golf Simulator Is a Worthwhile Investment

A high-quality golf simulator is one of the best tools for golfers to use in order to improve their performance. Today’s at-home simulator systems provide accuracy and realism, so you’ll feel like you’re on the course playing a live round of golf.

Golf simulators provide in-depth information about your shot shape, swing, trajectory, and other important details. You can use a golf simulator to try out new golf clubs or to perfect your swing without having to ever leave your home.

Most golf simulators are able to instantly calculate all sorts of data points, including:

  • Back spin
  • Clubhead speed
  • Carry distance
  • Side spin
  • Total distance
  • Distance offline
  • Flightpath

With this data, you can make any necessary adjustments so that you can come in under par and lower your total score. A quality simulator can be used to improve your short game, full shots, half shots, and more.

Another key benefit of a golf simulator is the fact that you can practice day and night, no matter the season, weather, or time of day. There’s no need to pack up and head to the golf course. With an at-home simulator, all you have to do is grab your club and get to playing!

Last but not least, when you aren’t using a golf simulator to get better at the game, they’re extremely fun for friends and family. Some simulators offer other game modes that can provide hours of entertainment. Foresight Sports offers studio apps that include fun games like balloon pop, putt ski, darts, and others.

Entry Level Golf Simulators ($1,000 or less)

There are several high-quality at home golf simulators that cost less than $1,000. One of the most notable options is the OptiShot2 golf simulator. This is a trusted home simulator that allows families to conveniently play golf from the comfort of their own home.

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Unlike other golf simulators, the OptiShot2 isn’t as high-tech and doesn’t provide multiple data points. This is a great option for someone who simply wants to be able to play golf whenever they want. It makes for a great 4D experience!

Aside from offering endless hours of fun, the OptiShot2 similar is able to measure factors such as:

  • Ball speed
  • Ball path
  • Club angle

It can also calculate the projected path of the ball, which means that the tracking data isn’t going to be super accurate or reliable.

When using the OptiShot2, you can reduce costs by using plastic or even foam golf balls instead of real ones. This means you don’t have to spend money on a screen or net, which can save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

Mid-Range Golf Simulators ($3,000 to $10,000)

As you would expect, there are several simulator systems available in the $3,000 to $10,000 price range. Top names in this price range include OptiShot2 and SkyTrak.

The SkyTrak at-home simulator training package is available for about $3,500 and offers all of the essentials. There are also more expensive packages, including the SkyTrack SIG10 and the SIG12. These range from $7,500 to $8,200, depending on the package options that you select.

SkyTrak is a well-known name in the golf simulator world. With one of this brand’s mid-range golf simulators, you can expect to get data about ball speed, spin, and distance. However, these simulators only provide ball data, so there is no feedback in regards to your swing, clubface angle, clubface path, etc.

What’s nice about SkyTrak is that these simulators can be used both indoors and outdoors. So, whether you want to play in your basement or your backyard, you can do just that.

High Range Golf Simulators ($10,000 to $20,000)

Those with larger budgets will want to consider simulators in the high and premium level ranges. The more you have to spend on an at-home golf simulator, the more options you have available to you.

If you’re looking to stay under $20,000, we recommend a golf simulator from Uneeko. This brand offers the EYEXO and the QED, both of which must be ceiling mounted for a permanent installation. These simulators also require a minimum ceiling height of nine feet.

The EYEXO and QED launch monitors are designed with high-speed camera and infrared technology to capture and collect data about ball path, speed, your clubs, and more. The EYEXO launch monitor offers more in-depth information, including:

  • Club impact
  • Club angle
  • Other club data

If you aren’t looking for this in-depth of information, stick with the QED.

Aside from Uneekor golf simulators, we also recommend other options in this price range, including TruGolf simulators from Vista8.

Luxury Range Golf Simulators ($20,000 to $60,000)

For the best of the best, look no further than a luxury range golf simulator. While this calls for an extremely high budget, you won’t get anything better than this. Premium level golf simulators are hands-down the industry’s best and are designed to really help golfers improve their game.

home with a simulator from Foresight Sports

One of the top names in the luxury range of golf simulators is Foresight Sports. If you’re looking to spend right around $20,000, then you’re going to love the GCQuad. This launch monitor provides all of the must-have data you need to learn all of the fine-grain details of how you golf.

Foresight Sports also offers a Sim-in-a-Box indoor simulator that starts at just $10,500. As the name implies, this golf simulator package has everything that you need to set up and use the golf simulator in your home.

If you’re more interested in a permanent installation, check out the GCHawk, which costs $20,000. This is the ultimate overhead launch monitor that is sure to impress. What’s even cooler is that this golf simulator not only allows you to play golf but enjoy real-to-life soccer gameplay! Foresight Sports is looking to expand to other sports as well.

Foresight Sports even offers customers the ability to design their own residential golf simulator. Using the free online app, you can input data points, such as space size and ceiling height, in order to create a simulator system that is specially designed for you. We also offer professional simulator designers who can assist you throughout the process.

While there are other notable names in the luxury range golf simulators, such as Trackman, Foresight Sports’ products are definitely some of the best around. Unlike Trackman, our products offer reliable, accurate data no matter the size of your space.

Professional Golf Simulators ($60,000+)

In order to play like a professional golfer, you’ve got to practice like one. Professional golf simulators are used by some of today’s biggest names in the golfing world. While it may be cool to say you use the same golf simulator as Tiger Woods, unless you plan to become a professional many people find that these simulators are simply too pricey.

If you’re serious about taking your golf career to the next level and want to practice like the pros do during their off season, consider buying the HD Golf Ultimate Training Package or a simulator package from Full Swing Golf.

Find Your Ideal Golf Simulator Today

In the market for a luxury golf simulator that will turn any space in your home into the ultimate golf arena? If so, look no further than Foresight Sports. We offer portable, ceiling-mounted, and customizable golf simulator packages that are designed to improve your game while also offering fun, at-home activities for the entire family.

No matter your golf level, a simulator from Foresight Sports will give you all of the data you need in order to make the appropriate changes to better your game. Our products provide the ultimate at home golf experience.

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Want to learn more? We’re here to help! Contact the Foresight Sports team at (858) 880-0179 to learn more about our residential golf simulators, along with other amazing products designed for golf lovers.