Developing the Perfect Golf Workout Program

Feb 22, 2019 Golfer lifting weights with a trainer

When you think about improving your golf game, fitness is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. You may know that getting in shape would be beneficial for your performance, but technical points like improving your backswing or changing your putting stroke may take priority. With that said, if you are willing to take the time to perform some golf fitness exercises, the results just might surprise you.

Two Areas of Focus

It would be great to be in excellent physical condition from head to toe, both for the benefit of your golf game and life in general. However, if you simply want to focus your time on areas that are going to serve you well on the links, think about addressing your core and your legs with golf exercises. These two parts of the body play a huge role in properly swinging the club back and through time after time.

The core of your body is crucial because of the rotational nature of the game. If you are going to make a good turn, you’ll need strong and flexible core muscles. As for your legs, they act as the platform for your swing, stabilizing the action and providing power on the way down as well. With solid fitness in these two regions of the body, the golf swing might start to feel quite a bit easier.

A Clear Goal – and a Plan to Match

golfer exercising on stairs

The type of fitness that is going to benefit a golfer is not the same as what would benefit a football player, for instance. In golf, it is the combination of strength and flexibility that is prized. A football player or player in another physical sport may want to bulk up by lifting heavy weights to gain raw strength. That’s usually not a plan that will pay off for golfers.

As you build your golf workout program, focus on using light weights and a high number of repetitions. That type of workout is usually going to help strengthen muscles without causing them to become bulky and inflexible. If you need help planning out the exact lifts and other exercises you will do in the pursuit of golf fitness, a professional trainer at a gym near you should be able to assist.

Timing Is Everything

Consistency is the key to any fitness regimen. You can’t regularly skip workouts and expect to get fit—that’s just how it works. At the same time, you need to be smart about when you work out, at least as it relates to your scheduled tee times. If you go through a hard workout in the morning before teeing off in the afternoon, your performance may be affected. In fact, you might even want to avoid a difficult workout the day before playing golf, as muscle soreness could cause issues. Always do your best to plan ahead so you can play plenty of golf while still keeping up with your workout needs.

Improving your level of golf fitness is very likely to improve your overall performance on the course. With a smart plan and consistency from day to day and week to week, you should be able to raise your fitness and lower your scores all at the same time. Along with fitness, launch monitor technology can also help you play better golf, which is where Foresight Sports comes into the picture. Contact us today to learn more!