Club Fitting 101

Dec 10, 2018 Club fitting using Forsight Sports launch monitor

For the serious golfer, the path toward big accomplishments is paved with small details. If you are willing to take the time and effort to manage the small points, you should be able to make big strides in the long run. Golf club fitting is one of those “small details” that turns out not to be so small, after all. The best golf club fitting is performed with the use of a launch monitor, so be sure to use technology to your advantage when building your ideal set.

Lie Angle Is the Truth

golfer ready to drive ballOne of the biggest pieces of the club-fitting puzzle is lie angle. Golf club lie angle is the angle that is formed between the ground and the shaft of the club as it runs up toward the player’s hands. It is extremely important to have a lie angle that suits your personal needs, especially with your irons.

The Perfect Length

It is easy to overlook, but the length of your clubs is one of those variables that needs to be dialed in just right. Golf club length is important because you don’t want to be fighting against poor posture while trying to make a proper swing. If your clubs are too long, you will struggle with inefficient shaft angles, mismatched swing planes, and off-center contact. On the other hand, a club which is too short could cause you to hunch over at impact, and you likely won’t be able to develop the kind of speed you are capable of otherwise.

A Custom Approach is Necessary

approach shot from the fairwayHere’s the thing—using something like a pre-defined golf club fitting chart to develop your set of clubs probably isn’t going to get the job done. Sure, you might be able to get close, but close usually isn’t good enough in the game of golf. A better option is to obtain an accurate golf club measurement through the use of a launch monitor. Handling golf club sizing and other elements with the help of a launch monitor is much more likely to be successful in the long run.

Not only is the golf club fitting process one which can lead to a perfect set of clubs, but it can also reveal things about your swing that will help you going forward. For instance, if you find that your swing is on the steep side through the hitting area, you can work on flattening your swing path to produce a better trajectory. It is the combination of equipment and technical changes that is most likely to lead to exciting outcomes.

To properly assemble a set of clubs that is perfect for the dynamics of your swing, club fitting is essential. Thanks to the high-quality, accurate devices produced by Foresight Sports, golf club fitting today is easier and more successful than ever before. Contact us today for more information.