Fairway Wood, Hybrid, or Iron – Choosing the Right Club for the Shot

Oct 01, 2018 golf clubs

What skills do you need to play golf successfully? You need to make solid swings, of course, and you need to be able to make putts. Also, you need to have the ability to focus on the task at hand even when feeling nervous or anxious. To put even more on your plate, you can add club selection to this list. Whether playing virtual golf or the real thing, choosing the right golf club for the shot you face is a valuable—and required—skill.

For longer shots or tee shots on long par threes, you might find yourself in a position where you are trying to pick between three different types of clubs. Fairway woods, hybrids, and long irons all come together in this section of your bag and knowing which one to use - and when - is something that will help lower your scores.

An Honest Evaluation

Deciding which club to use for a shot— fairway wood vs hybrid, for instance—is going to start by finding an exact yardage that you need to cover. You never want to guess your yardage, as being off by even a few yards can lead to a difficult shot. Use a reliable method, such as a rangefinder or GPS device, to accurately determine how far you are from your target.

Once you have an accurate number in mind, be honest with yourself when picking a club. Can you really hit your hybrid to your desired target, or would it be better to go up to a fairway wood? You shouldn’t base your club selections on the best possible outcome for your swing, but rather the average outcome you expect from a standard shot.

Consider Course and Weather Conditions

The prevailing conditions on the day you play will have a lot to do with your club selection choices. On a course which features firm and fast conditions, you can land the ball at a shorter distance and let it roll up to your target. That might mean choosing an iron, rather than needing to opt for a hybrid or fairway wood. Of course, if the conditions are soft and wet, you will need to plan on carrying the ball the full distance to the target.

Play to Your Strengths

There is nothing wrong with playing to your strengths as a golfer. For example, if you know how to hit fairway woods and hybrids properly, but still struggle with your irons, favor the fairway woods and hybrids until your iron game improves. Don’t worry about picking clubs to play a style of game that you think others would—play your own game and make choices that you believe will lead to consistent lower scores.

The Data You Need

diagram of golf swing data

The only way to accurately pick clubs time after time is to know how far you hit your clubs. How do you obtain such information? Using a high-end launch monitor—such as those from Foresight Sports—is a great plan. Contact us today to learn more about the products we offer.