Why Chip and Pitch Shots Are Overlooked – but Essential

Feb 01, 2020 The greens and the fairway of the golf course in the morning

To make your way around a golf course successfully, you need to have a variety of shots at your disposal. It’s important to hit the ball well off the tee, of course, and hitting solid iron shots is a great way to set up birdie putts. It should go without saying that you’ll need to putt well in order to reach your goals.

Is that all you need to do? Not quite! Chip and pitch shots are crucially important, but they are somehow overlooked by many players. If you can improve your chipping and pitching performance through practice and attention to detail, you’ll find that these shots can get you out of trouble time after time. Use a golf analyzer to dial in your technique, and your game will take a big step forward.

An In-Between Category

Chip and pitch shots are frequently overlooked because they land in an in-between category that isn’t putting but also isn’t the full swing. Plus, when you are picturing the perfect hole of golf, you aren’t thinking about needing to hit a chip or pitch. Rather, you are picturing a good drive, beautiful iron shot, and nice putt. Usually, chips and pitches only come into play when something has gone wrong along the way.

Things Will Go Wrong

Here’s the thing about golf: Things go wrong. All the time. The perfect round of golf is yet to have been played, and it never will be played. You’ll always hit at least a few poor shots as you make your way around the course, so being prepared with the ability to hit good chip and pitch shots is crucial to your success. When a poor drive or iron shot does pop up, you can bail yourself out with a beautiful chip or pitch that sets up a short par-saving putt.

Use Technology to Your Advantage

white golf ball in long grass

The ability of a launch monitor to help you make improvements in your full swing is well-known, but did you know that this same technology can help your chipping and pitching? It can when you work with Foresight Sports. Our launch monitors are the best in the business at capturing data from these short shots, allowing you to optimize your technique and improve results along the way. Using a golf swing analyzer to fine-tune the way you chip and pitch the golf ball could quickly help you shave strokes off your average score.

Trust Foresight Sports

If you are ready to improve your game, turn to the technology offered by Foresight Sports to provide you with the data necessary to make meaningful progress. Whether you need to work on your short game or any other piece of the puzzle, our launch monitors can help. Contact us today to learn more.