American Soccer Vs. European Football: Same Sport, Many Differences

Dec 25, 2019 American Soccer Vs. European Football: Same Sport, Many Differences

By nearly any measure, soccer is the most popular sport in the world. It is played recreationally by millions of people, and millions more love to watch professional and national teams play on TV. With that said, if you were an American in Europe and you suggested a game of “soccer” to some friends, you’d be sure to get plenty of sideways glances. Outside of the U.S., the game known as soccer is actually called football.

Which, of course, is plenty confusing for an American, as the U.S. idea of football is a game completely different from soccer. Regardless of what you call it, this is a great game, thanks to the way it can be played by so many different people at so many different ages. To get even more out of your soccer or football experience, consider adding an indoor soccer simulator to your home.

A Crowded American Market

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There are certainly other professional sports that compete for attention in the European market, but they are all playing for second place. European football is, by far and away, the most popular professional sport, and it isn’t even close. In England, for instance, the Premier League is a huge success, featuring the top 20 club teams in the country each year. Beyond rooting for a specific club team, European football fans also tend to root hard for their country when international competitions come around, such as the World Cup.

In the U.S., the story is much different. Major League Soccer, or MLS, is the leading professional league in the U.S. but it is nowhere near the most popular option for pro sports fans. The NFL, NBA, and MLB are all well ahead of MLS, at this point, and that doesn’t seem likely to change anytime soon.

Youth Participation Is Strong Across the Board

It should be no surprise that participation in European football is extremely strong among young people. What may be a bit more surprising to some, however, is that youth participation in the U.S. is quite strong, as well. Millions of American children play soccer each year, and the competition for spots on select club teams and college teams is extremely stiff. With a generation of soccer players gradually growing up and moving into adult life, it’s possible that American professional soccer will continue to grow in the decades to come.

Put Technology to Work for Your Game

Whether you call it soccer or football, you are probably passionate about improving your play and having fun at the same time. With a great indoor soccer simulator game, you can take your performance to a new level and have a great time with family and friends. To learn more about our soccer simulator and other products we offer at Foresight Sports, please feel free to contact us today. Thanks for visiting!