Introducing Total Range: True-to-life Driving Range Entertainment Solutions

Mar 01, 2019 Total Range driving range solution

Technology has revolutionized the game of golf. While golf still has many time-honored traditions that keep it linked to the past, the way the game has embraced technology should help it thrive well into the future. Obviously, at Foresight Sports, we take great pride in being part of this high-tech golf age. We have long been a leader in the golf simulator world, and now we are excited to provide a launch monitor for driving ranges that offers a completely new experience for your customers.

Our latest offering is another example of how technology can help golfers get more enjoyment out of the game. We are excited to introduce Total Range—a commercial driving range solution which can improve the entire customer experience. For a driving range that is currently offering little more than buckets of balls, integrating Total Range can lead your business in an entirely new direction. Contact us today to learn more!

What Is Total Range?

launch monitors for driving ranges

As the name would indicate, Total Range is a commercial driving range solution that delivers everything your range needs to become the cutting-edge facility customers demand. Total Range is the only driving range solution that allows customers to use every club in their bag and play from the tee to the green with true precision and realism. From integrated pay-per-play gaming and analytics, to managing every aspect of the customer experience, Total Range is the perfect solution for any golf range.

Bringing the Course to the Range

total range golf simulator at driving range

At the heart of the Total Range system is what your customers will enjoy. Thanks to the best technology in the business—launch monitors from Foresight Sports—your customers can virtually experience some of the best courses in the world right at your driving range. Far from just sending shots out into an open field, your customers will now be interacting with a high-tech simulation that offers valuable feedback on their game while also immersing them in a thrilling experience.

The ability to play simulated rounds on the world-famous golf courses is an exciting prospect for your customers, but that’s just where it starts when you use Total Range. There are also a number of games for your customers to play while out on the range, such as carnival-style games that help to build specific skills while also providing fun for the whole family. Want to offer your customers more than just a bucket of balls and a place to swing? Partner with Foresight Sports to implement Total Range and revolutionize your business.

Power Behind the Scenes

What your customers will see when they use Total Range will be impressive. A huge library of courses, plenty of great games, valuable performance data, and more will be available to them each time they visit your facility. That’s all going to add huge value to your business, but it’s just the start.

The system that you will be able to use behind the scenes might be just as impressive as what is presented to your customers. It includes ticket purchasing, game and bay management, ordering of additional services such as food and drinks, and more. Using this enterprise software will make it easy to keep control of this operation from a single interface. With so much technology working in your favor, you will be free to interact with customers and take the steps necessary to grow your business.

A Team Effort

If you are a bit intimidated by the technology at work here, don’t feel like you are in over your head. It’s not your job to master all of this high-tech integration—that’s what we are here for. When you decide to implement Total Range at your facility, you can count on excellent assistance all the way through the process, from installation to implementation. You’ll never be alone, so you don’t have to fear that the technology is going to overwhelm you or your staff.

In fact, the support you receive from Foresight Sports on this project will begin before we’ve even put a single piece of equipment into place. That’s because we want to get to know you and your business right from the start. Every Total Range implementation is unique, as no two ranges are identical. We’ll have plenty of questions related to your goals, your budget, your customers, and more. Our team wants to get to know you, so we can, in turn, create a comprehensive solution that is a perfect fit for your vision of the future.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Even if your driving range is doing good business right now, it’s always smart to look ahead. As incredible technologies play a bigger and bigger role in just about every part of our lives, it only makes sense that golf will go along for the ride. To be sure, plenty of areas of the game of golf have been dramatically changed by technology in recent years, and that is sure to continue.

If you take the step of becoming a driving range that embraces technology with open arms, you’ll immediately have something that sets you apart from many competitors in the area. Also, you will have a strong selling point for those who don’t currently play golf to come check it out. Instead of waiting for the day when you’ll be forced to have these kinds of features if you want to stay in business, you can act now and put them in place as soon as possible.

Get in Touch

If you would like to learn more about the possibility of implementing Total Range at your commercial location, please contact us today for more information. We are excited to serve you!