Three Valuable Tips for Great Pitch Shots

Jun 03, 2019

When was the last time you worked on your short game? Most likely, it’s been a while. It seems like many amateurs ignore just how important this part of the game is in terms of saving strokes each round. While you might think first about using a home golf simulator for perfecting your full swing, you can use this kind of technology to improve your short game performance, as well.

To help you make some progress in your short game, we have included three golf pitching tips in this blog post. As you try to figure out how to hit a pitch shot, we hope these tips help!

Stability Is the Golden Rule

stability is the golden rule

You don’t have to make a big swing in order to hit a pitch shot. You are only going to be sending the ball 10-30 yards in the air, in most cases, so a long, powerful swing is simply not required. With that in mind, perhaps the biggest key of all when pitching the golf ball is to maintain a solid base. Stability is crucial because you need to make a clean strike if you are going to hit the ball the right distance and place some spin on the ball, as well.

A good way to work toward a stable base is to pay attention to your eyes as the swing progresses. Ideally, you will keep your eyes still, watching a spot on the ball as the club goes back and through. If your eyes stay still, there is a good chance your body will remain stable as well. If you allow your eyes to drift, however, it’s possible that you will start to slide from side to side, and making clean contact is going to be tough.

Hands Lead the Way

When you make contact with the ball, it’s important that your hands are in front of the ball. In other words, the shaft should be leaning forward towards the target at impact, instead of away. This is true of most shots that you hit during a round of golf, but it needs to be pointed out here because many players lean the shaft back while trying to help the ball up into the air. The loft on your club is going to help the ball get airborne, so you simply need to swing down and through while keeping your eyes on the ball and let the rest happen naturally.

Select a Specific Landing Spot

landing spot

Our final tip relates more to the mental game than the physical side of your pitching technique. To consistently pitch the ball up close to the hole, you are going to want to pick out a landing spot for each shot. As you might be able to guess, this is a spot on the green where you want the ball to land. From there, it is going to bounce and roll up toward the hole. Many golfers fail to take this step, and they wind up mindlessly swinging toward the target without a plan in place. Pick your landing spot and do your best to hit it as accurately as possible.

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