PEAK from Foresight Sports: Use Our Technology to Its Fullest

Nov 08, 2018 Peak golf training director Liam Mucklow

When you use one of the high-tech launch monitors offered by Foresight Sports, you will receive the most accurate data. With each and every swing you make, these launch monitors will measure a large set of ball and club performance data that can be used to offer key insights into your golf swing. When used correctly, this data has the potential to take your golf training to the next level.

That’s where it gets tricky—how do you use the data properly? How do you interpret what the launch monitor is providing and use it in such a way to achieve lower scores? It would be a shame to waste all of this valuable information, which is why we are proud to offer the PEAK Certified Professional Training program.

What is PEAK?

At Foresight Sports, we take tremendous pride in the technology we make available to the golfing world. We offer the best launch monitors on the market today, and think all players can benefit from the data that our devices measure.

With that said, it would be a little bit irresponsible to put out these great devices without some guidance to go with them. If our device delivers you with important information like club head data, ball launch data, ball flight details, and more, you’ll only improve if you know how to use that data effectively.

This is where PEAK Certified Professional Training comes into the picture. To understand what PEAK is all about, consider the four words that make up this acronym.

  • Performance
  • Education
  • Analysis
  • Knowledge

Basically, the idea behind PEAK Certified Professional Training is to make sure you use our devices to their maximum capability. We want to see the data that our launch monitors measure, turn into improved performance on the golf course. That’s the whole point of this venture, and that is why we are so proud to offer PEAK training as a way to bridge the gap between on-screen data and lower scores.

The Inherent Challenge

golfer using gcquad launch monitor

The team here at Foresight Sports is completely dedicated to building the best launch monitors in the world.

Rather than leaving you to guess as to what the data means, or how it impacts your game, we want to make those points perfectly clear. We want to make sure you have a proper understanding of each individual data point, so you can make the changes necessary to your swing to reach a new level of performance.

We know that launch monitor data can be confusing—and even overwhelming—for those who don’t work in this industry. Now, thanks to the availability of PEAK Certified Professional Training, the barrier to entry in this area of golf is much lower.

For Players and for Pros

There are generally two types of users for our launch monitors. There is the individual golfer who purchases a Foresight Sports device for personal use, and there is the golf professional who purchase a device for use at a public or private facility.

For the individual player, using PEAK is a great way to get over the hurdle of trying to understand everything that a launch monitor can provide. Without a pro there by your side, you may feel a bit lost—not only in terms of what something like launch angle means, but also in how to interpret it and apply it toward making yourself a better player. Your investment in our launch monitor will pay off if it can translate to an improved performance of your game, and we think PEAK goes a long way towards that outcome.

On the professional side, our devices are a great addition to any instructional program. Golf professionals need a wide variety of skills these days, and one of those required skills is the ability to use a launch monitor properly. Many of your students will likely request to hit balls on a launch monitor, and they are going to rely on you to interpret the data it delivers. By using our professional golf training program, you can round out your knowledge in this area and become a better teacher.

Online or In-Person

golf simulator room in house

No matter how you would like to receive the information that is offered within our golf education programs, we are ready to deliver. PEAK classes are available as golf education online, as well as in the form of a regional workshop.

Those who attend a regional workshop will have the opportunity to go through an 8-hour training that will cover a number of important points, such as learning how to set up the devices, information on how the technology works, and tips on applying data toward improvement. Whether you choose to learn online or in-person, we hope our PEAK program is a great indication of our dedication to you as a customer.

Let's Get Started

As a golfer, you already know that lower scores don’t just happen on their own. Playing this game at a high level takes hard work, attention to detail, and persistence. It might be frustrating to go through the struggles that are associated with playing better, but those struggles will be worth it in the end. When you see your performance go up and your handicap go down, you’ll know those range sessions and all that work with the launch monitor is finally paying off.

Foresight Sports would love to help you bring that vision of a brighter golfing future to life. Please contact us right away to get started.