Improving Your Golf Game: It Takes More Than Just Hitting the Ball

Sep 25, 2020 man walking on the golf course carrying bags

Hitting the ball consistently well is the most critical skill to learn when it comes to playing golf. However, if you want to get better, it takes a lot more than just swinging at balls. Not only do you have to hit with purpose, but you have to know how to hit, how to aim, and how to power a swing.

With enough time, you can vastly improve your game and decrease your scores. And if you can’t get to the range, a golf simulator can provide a perfect opportunity to hone these skills further.

Keep reading for tips and tricks so that you can master the art of golf.

Work on Your Foundation

To get better at golf and to lower your scores, you'll need to work off a solid foundation. This means spending time on the course and practicing positive habits that will pave the way for you to get better.

When on the green, avoid falling into common bad golf habits, such as not picking a specific target or not using an alignment stick. It's also important not to rush. Be patient and focus on the basics first.

Choose the Right Equipment

While the golfer is often to blame for a poor shot or score, sometimes equipment can be the underlying culprit. Having the right equipment can make a huge difference in your game.
To do your best on the course:

  • Replace worn-down clubs
  • Choose clubs that suit you best. And don’t guess—get professionally fitted for your clubs!
  • On the course, always consider wind, length, and hazards when choosing a club

With the right clubs, you’ll immediately find that you feel more comfortable on the course, which inevitably means your scores will get better.

Focus on Your Aim

While many new golfers focus on their swing, their aim is just as—if not even more—important. If you can't drive the ball in the right direction, it's going to take more hits to get the ball in the hole.

Before swinging, make sure that you line the clubface up with the target. Then take your stance, ensuring your feet and shoulders are parallel to the target.

When aiming, try to avoid sending the ball to problematic areas on the course, such as the rough. If possible, tee the ball on the side where the problem is. This way you can keep the ball in play.

An indoor golf simulator is a great option for improving your aim when you’re unable to get to the range or the course.

Use Your Torso for Power

Beginners and experienced golfers are guilty of using the wrong body parts to generate power for their shot. Most try to use their arms and wrists to drive the ball where it needs to go. However, this not only weakens your game but leaves you prone to injury.

The safer, stronger place to generate energy is within your core and torso. When you make a backswing, turn your torso away from the target, and then swivel it back toward it. This gives you better speed, power, and control.

When you master your movement, you'll find it much easier to master the game of golf.

golf ball on green grass

Practice On and Off the Course

Hitting the course once every few weeks won’t give you the time you need to practice. If you’re serious about getting better, commit to it. Make time to go to your local course to practice the fundamentals.

On those days when you can’t get to the course, practice at home! A home golf simulator is a great option for new and experienced golfers who want to get better while doing so in the comfort of their own home.

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