How to Organize Your Golf Bag

Feb 01, 2021 Golf ball and golf club in bag on green grass

Golf is a game of not only skill, but concentration and focus. One of the best ways to stay focused on the game is to practice good organization when it comes to your golf bag. There’s nothing worse than a cluttered bag, which requires you to frantically dig around to find the item you need.

There’s nothing worse than needing to use a certain club but being unable to find it. This causes stress and anxiety, and it gives your opponent a clear advantage in the game.

While everyone organizes their golf bag in their own way, there are some basic standards that you’ll want to follow. With an organized golf bag, you’ll look and feel like a pro golfer, which boosts confidence.

Keep reading to learn tips and tricks for how to organize your golf bag in a way that works best for you.

Empty Your Bag & Gather Must-Have Equipment

The first step to organizing your golf bag is to empty it out. Instead of trying to organize a cluttered bag, it’s best to start with a clean, empty slate.

Empty your golf bag entirely, including the side pockets and any other compartments. This way, you can not only see everything you’ve been carrying around but eliminate unnecessary weight.

Items such as extra balls, towels, and gloves all make your bag that much heavier. The less weight you’re toting around, the better your game is likely to be.

Golf Balls for training in green fabric bag on the golf course

Once your bag is completely empty, the next step is to figure out which items you need to bring with you. This includes equipment such as:

  • Drivers
  • Putters
  • Irons
  • Accessories (ie., extra balls, towels, a jacket, etc.)

By figuring out what you need and don’t need to have in your bag, it’s much easier to get your bag organized. The less stuff—aka clutter—that you’re carrying, the better. When hitting the green, the bare necessities are all you need.

Organize Your Clubs by Type and Number

Now that you’ve identified all of the must-have items for your golf bag, let’s start with your clubs. Ideally, you’ll want to organize them by type and number. Most golf bags have four compartments, including a single pocket in the bag, two in the center, and a single pocket up front.

These compartments make separating your clubs a breeze. You’ll want to put the longest clubs at the back of the bag and the shortest ones in the front. Be sure that the club heads are placed in a cascading slant toward you. This way, you can see all of the club heads when looking in at the bag.

  • Woods and long irons (1 to 3) should be stored in the back compartment.
  • Middle irons (4 to 6) should be stored in the left center compartment.
  • Short irons (7 to 9) should be stored in the right center compartment.

In the very front section, you should have room to store your putter and wedges. Some bags have a separate sleeve for your putter. If your bag has this, you’ll obviously want to store the putter there.

Remember, the maximum number of clubs that you can bring onto a course is 14. So, while you can’t bring every single club you own with you, you can easily identify which ones are best for the course where you’ll be playing.

Organize Your Accessories

When you organize your golf bag, you don’t want to forget about any of the accessories that you may need to bring with you. Things such as an extra pair of gloves or spare balls can be lifesavers during your day on the course.

Hand hold golf ball with tee on golf course

One of the first things to consider when packing your golf bag is the weather. If it’s drizzling, you’ll want to bring a few extra towels and maybe even a raincoat with you. Yet, on a bright sunny day, you don’t need to bring these accessories, as they’d only be extra weight.

Since a round of golf often goes on for hours, be sure to pack some snacks and refreshments to keep you going during the game. You don’t want to be parched or dehydrated toward the end of the game, so plan and pack accordingly!

An Organized Bag Means an Organized Game

Knowing how to best arrange your golf bag can have a huge impact on your game. Maintaining a steady pace while on the course is key in staying focused. After organizing your clubs and accessories, this is also a great time to organize any small compartments that your bag offers.
For example, there may be a small pocket where you want to store your tees. Ideally, you’ll want to put these in a higher pocket at the front of the bag so that you can quickly and easily access them as needed.

Extra golf balls can be stored in lower pockets. This helps with balancing the weight of your bag so that you aren’t left with a tired back and shoulders mid-way through the course.

By taking the time to organize your golf bag ahead of time, you can avoid unnecessary frustration and stay focused on performing your best on the turf.

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golf bag on field

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