How Many Golf Balls Are on the Moon?

Dec 25, 2020 astronaut with golf ball

We all know that dozens of astronauts have made their way to the moon, but did you know that many have left their own souvenirs behind? Not everything that goes up must come down!

According to several sources, there are all sorts of items on the moon, including a golden olive branch, five U.S. flags, a family portrait, and even a javelin. You also may have heard that a particular astronaut also left behind golf balls.

Keep reading to learn the full story about golfing on the moon, along with the truth behind how many golf balls are on the moon.

Lunar Golfing

As a golfer, you get the opportunity to play your favorite sport at any golf course of your choosing, and there are endless places to put down some golf balls and take a few swings. However, unless you’re an astronaut, the moon is off-limits.

Alan Shepard, part of the Apollo 14 mission, stands as the only person to hit golf balls on the moon. During the mission, Shepard took a few swings and ended up leaving two golf balls to live on the moon forever. Apparently, he fitted an 6 iron head to the handle of a lunar sample collection device.

This quick round of golf wasn’t all fun and games. The Apollo 14 mission was the third manned lunar landing mission. The team was put into space to perform detailed scientific lunar exploration. In fact, the crew landed at specific sites and stayed in these locations for two days.

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