The GCHawk: A Launch Monitor Like No Other

Apr 08, 2019 The GCHawk: A Launch Monitor Like No Other

It is often said that something has “changed the game,” but how often is that actually the case? More often than not, it’s simply marketing-speak for a couple of small improvements to an existing product. Despite that, we are going to be bold and say that, yes, our GCHawk Launch Monitor really is a game changer. Let’s take a closer look.

Where Did It Go?

ceiling mounted launch monitor

The first time you use a GCHawk Launch Monitor, you might be a little confused. Typically, a launch monitor sits on the ground, somewhere in relatively close proximity to the golf ball you are about to strike. From that perspective, the launch monitor is able to gather valuable data about your swing and your game as a whole. Even if we, as golfers, have come to take golf launch monitor data a bit for granted, it is still worth stepping back and thinking about how amazing it is that we have access to this information at all.

When you use a GCHawk, you are sure to notice that it is not on the ground near your ball. This revolutionary product is overhead-mounted, providing it with a unique angle on the action. By combining the overhead perspective with the impressive technology already used in the Foresight Sports GCQuad Launch Monitor, we have been able to achieve performance not possible before in this market.

If you think quickly about what overhead mounting means in the practical application of a launch monitor, you’ll come to realize just how significant this change can be. For one thing, both right- and left-handed golfers can step up and make swings without repositioning any equipment. The need to move around the launch monitor when a left-handed golfer is on the schedule has long been one of those little annoyances in a commercial application. The GCHawk takes that away and accomplishes so much more at the same time.

The Ultimate Simulation Technology

gchawk home golf simulator

For a residential application, the GCHawk offers a tremendous advantage compared to other types of launch monitors. With its massive ball-capture range, the GCHawk allows both right- and left-handed golfers to hit every shot in the bag with the absolute confidence that the performance was precisely measured. But that’s not all!

The GCHawk has been optimized for use with the FSX software suite from Foresight Sports. This is important, as many of the features that you will want to enjoy are accessed through FSX 2018. For instance, our golf simulator allows you to play rounds on some of the world’s best golf courses - including The Links at Pebble Beach® and St Andrews®. If you have long wanted to build a home golf simulator in your residence, you need to get a GCHawk.

Commercial Flexibility

gchawk driving range golf simulator

Of course, as appealing as this product will be to individual golfers, it also has plenty to offer for commercial operations. Those running driving ranges, golf courses, and golf retail shops will all want to consider how they could transform their space through the use of the GCHawk. We have already mentioned how it can be used interchangeably for right- and left-handed golfers without needing to be shuffled around the room. That’s a great benefit, and it’s only the start.

Commercial space is expensive, but a custom GCHawk Performance Simulator will help turn your facility into the revenue-generating powerhouse you’ve been wanting. Since the GCHawk fits seamlessly into any commercial environment, you now have the freedom and flexibility of turning that under-utilized area into the ultimate entertainment experience for your clientele.

Some Tech Points

gc hawk front view slim design

You are probably more concerned with how the GCHawk can benefit your golf game, or the golf games of your customers, than you are with the technical aspects of how it works. However, we’d like to quickly touch on some of the specs you will find if you decide to make this product part of your golf world.

  • Features a quadrascopic high-speed camera system
  • Two cameras are mounted on the ends of the device (one on each end), and two are located near the middle
  • Total weight is 36 pounds
  • The GCHawk is 89.1’’ long, 7.6’’ tall, and 6.1’’ wide

Take the Next Step

We hope you now understand what makes the GCHawk unique. This is an innovative product, and one which can help to elevate your enjoyment of this great game. If you would like more information, please contact us right away.