The 5 Most Historic Fairground Games

Nov 18, 2019 games at a county fair at night

One of the best parts of summer is still the county or state fair. Step inside, and you'll be treated to a whirlwind of sights, sounds, and smells that have a uniquely scruffy charm.

Of course, the most iconic part of a fair just might be the fairground games. For a small fee, you get to test all those skills you've been honing on your indoor multi-sport simulator and try to win a prize for your sweetie.

Okay, so a lot of these games are rigged. That doesn't diminish the fun people have in trying to beat them, and the following games might be the most historic fairground games of all time.

Jacob's Ladder

The Jacob's Ladder, also known as the rope ladder game, might be one of the most recognizable fairground games, not to mention the poster child of a game that seems easy to win until you try. This rope ladder is strung out at an angle, with a hinge at each end that ensures the ladder will dump you face up on the ground if your balance is off.

Ring Toss

The appeal of this game is in its simplicity. All you have to do is toss a ring around a peg or a bottle. Depending on how many rings you get on the pegs or bottles, you might win a prize. This one tends to be fairly popular with children.

Strongman Gamepeople playing ball toss game at county fair

The Strongman Game, also called the Heavy Striker Game, is the bane of all men trying to show off—even ones who have been keeping their athletic game sharp with an indoor multi-sport simulator over the winter. The game is a tower, with a pad at the bottom and a bell suspended at the top. All you have to do is smack the pad hard enough with a mallet so that a small puck at the bottom of the tower will rise up to ring the bell at the top.

Milk Bottles

In this classic fairground game, three milk bottles are stacked up in a pyramid. You're given one softball to throw at the pyramid and if you can manage to knock all three cans over, you win the prize. Just be aware that one of the milk bottles on the bottom is almost always weighted.

Milk Can

One of the oldest fairground games out there: Just toss a softball into the open end of a milk can. Again, it looks easy, but, thanks to the fact that the softball is just 1/16" smaller than the milk can opening, it's actually pretty difficult. If you have a multi-sport simulator that can simulate tossing softballs, you might just have the technique and accuracy necessary to win this game.

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Of course, all these games require two things—accuracy and technique. If you want to hone either of those skills, definitely look into getting a multi-sport simulator to improve your athletic prowess—not just for fairground games, but for soccer, golf, and several other popular sports. Contact Foresight Sports today to talk with one of our experts about what an HD multi-sport simulator can do for you!