What Is Smash Factor? How Can It Help My Golf Game?

Smash Factor

Why Smash Factor is an Important Metric

Whether you are playing baseball, tennis, or golf, the velocity of the ball when hit is only maximized when it is struck on the “sweet spot” of the implement being used to hit it.

Introducing Total Range: True-to-Life Driving Range Entertainment Solutions

Total Range driving range solution

Technology has revolutionized the game of golf. While golf still has many time-honored traditions that keep it linked to the past, the way the game has embraced technology should help it thrive well into the future. Obviously, at Foresight Sports, we take great pride in being part of this high-tech golf age.

PEAK from Foresight Sports: Use Our Technology to Its Fullest

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When you use one of the high-tech launch monitors offered by Foresight Sports, you will receive the most accurate data. With each and every swing you make, these launch monitors will measure a large set of ball and club performance data that can be used to offer key insights into your golf swing. When used correctly, this data has the potential to take your golf training to the next level.

5 Common Mistakes Made at the Driving Range

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As a golfer, you find your rewards on the course. That is where your hard work will hopefully pay off, and you’ll be able to shoot scores and hit shots that you’ll remember for a lifetime. As for the hard work part of the equation, that will be done on the driving range.

The Perfect Drive – What Experts Say About How to Best Tee Off

A golf launch monitor set up outdoor to analyse swings.

In golf, every shot you hit is important. You can’t take any of them for granted because they all have the potential to go wrong in one way or another. From the longest drive to the shortest putt, each and every stroke is crucial—which is why driving a golf ball is such a valuable step on the road to playing better golf.