What People Are Saying About Foresight’s Launch Monitors

May 27, 2019

At Foresight Sports, we take pride in leading the way in launch monitor technology. If you need a high-quality launch monitor capable of delivering the data you need to move your game forward, look no further. We strongly believe the best golf launch monitor for your game will be one wearing our logo.

With that said, we think it might be helpful for you to hear what is being said about Foresight Sports technology within the golf business. At the recent PGA Merchandise Show, important names from across the industry were able to use the devices and talk about their own personal experiences with Foresight Sports. What did they have to say? Let’s take a look!

Immediate Answers

One of the comments you will hear over and over again from those who work in the golf business regarding products like the GC Quad is the immediate response the device provides while working on a lesson or club fitting. When looking at launch monitor reviews, lag time is a big deal, and working with a slow machine can be more frustrating than rewarding. This is true whether you are using a golf launch monitor on your own for personal benefits, or if you are using it as an instructor to help students.

Significant delays between the strike of the ball and the availability of the data can become a drain on the process, but there are no worries here, thanks to the power of the GC Quad software.

foresight launch monitor software data

Accuracy Is King

We’ve established that getting information quickly is important, and that certainly is true, but it’s only helpful if the information provided is extremely accurate. Another compliment you will hear paid to the Foresight Sports brand is the accuracy of the devices. Our technology works, and it provides golfers and golf instructors with the truth they need to make smart choices regarding things like swing changes, equipment changes, and more. If you value accuracy in your data, picking Foresight Sports is an easy choice.

Reliability Matters

Finally, the word reliable is another one that comes up often, and for good reason. It’s not good enough for our equipment to work some of the time—it needs to work each and every time. This is important for those who buy a Foresight Sports product for home, and it is important for professional users, as well. You should expect to simply turn the device on, get it set to go, and proceed through your session without any issues.

When you add up the three points we’ve highlighted in this post—quick processing, accurate data, and performance reliability—you have a clear picture as to why Foresight Sports is such a leader in the industry.

launch monitors lined up indoor range

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