How to Swing a Golf Club in 6 Steps

Jul 03, 2019

how to swing golf club infographic cover

Without a doubt, the most frequent question asked by beginner golfers is also the most practical one: How do I swing a golf club the right way? If you asked how you could get your hands on a million dollars, the answers would be the same: It takes time and hard work. Sure, there’s a possibility you could win the lottery, but, for most of us, getting there requires dedication.

However, just like setting out to earn a fortune, if you want to learn how to swing a golf club properly, there’s a couple of key principles you should keep in mind and bad habits you’ll want to avoid early. Factors like stance, posture, ball placement, and rotation all have to be considered for the perfect swing.

With that in mind, the following six steps are a great way to get you started. We’ve covered every aspect of the swing in a simple and clear yet comprehensive way, giving you the confidence to get out on there on the course. All you need to do is keep reading!

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how to swing a golf club in 6 steps infographic

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