Establishing a Fitness Routine Through Golf

Aug 25, 2020 male golf player on professional golf course

Golf may not be a sport that requires intense physical exertion, but it’s still a physical activity nonetheless. The average PGA Tour course length is around 7,200 yards, which equates to a little over four miles, and the average player plays around 78 rounds per year. Do the math, and you’ll quickly see just why golf can be part of your fitness routine.

If you want to further establish a fitness routine through golf, we’ve got you covered! Keep reading to learn how golf can be part of your workout routine, including how you can use our smart golf cart, ForeCaddy, to have the best golf experience yet.


Fitness on the Green

While it can be tempting to ride a cart from hole to hole, this requires no physical exertion. If you’re looking to stay fit, walk the course. Enjoy the well-manicured grounds and soak in the fresh air!

Walking may not get your heart beating fast, but it does offer notable cardiovascular benefits. Walking is also a low risk, so you don’t have to worry about impacting your game.

Another way to stay fit on the green is to stretch before and after each hole. Trunk rotation is key for golfers. The more limber this area is, the better your game will be. Core strength and flexibility are also important. You’ll also want to stretch your shoulders and arms throughout the course.

At-Home Workouts to Improve Your Golf Game

Golf is a ballistic sport that involves sudden moments of physical exertion. However, golf typically only involves exertion of one side of your body. Most players swing over 75 times a game using the same side of their body. This can lead to muscle imbalances, as well as an increased risk of overuse injuries.

To help offset these issues, take a look at your physical fitness. Are you following a routine that helps with mobility and flexibility so that you can properly execute a swing? There are all sorts of exercises that golfers should do on a routine basis. With the right routine, you can stabilize your shoulders and build power and strength in your swing.

Some of the best movements for golfers include:

  • Standing Ys
  • Lateral pillar bridge
  • Medical ball throws
  • Seated rotations
  • Hand walks
  • 90/90 stretch
  • Pushups
  • One-arm dumbbell press

Whether you choose to stay fit at home or a local fitness club, what’s important is that you’re focusing on flexibility, mobility, and strength so that you can power through each golf swing.

Enjoy Convenience While Still Getting in a Workout

golf bag cart

The average golf course is almost four miles of walking! On top of that, having to carry a heavy golf bag or pull a clunky golf cart makes for an even more extreme workout. Yet, golf shouldn’t leave you feeling tired or strained. This is why we invited ForeCaddy.

ForeCaddy offers all of the luxuries and conveniences novice and avid golfers need to best enjoy the game. Our cutting-edge smart club cart allows you to enjoy the benefits of walking without having to carry your bag or pull a cart.

The ForeCaddy is the perfect solution for safe, socially distanced game play. Interested in learning more? Check out our website to learn more about the ForeCaddy and the benefits it brings to the course.