Foresight Sports’ Tracking Solutions Turn Driving Ranges Into Cutting-Edge Facilities

Jan 23, 2017 Cutting Edge Entertainment Facility

Following the announcement of its new GCQuad launch monitor, the company reveals other innovative solutions designed for the game’s fastest growing market segment.

Foresight Sports, creators of the game’s all-time best-selling launch monitor, the GC2 Smart Camera System as well as the industry’s newest and most advanced launch monitor, the GCQuad, has also announced the development of several new innovative tracking solutions designed specifically for the Entertainment Range market.

“Building entertainment opportunities within driving ranges represent one of the most exciting and fastest growing segments of the game,” says Foresight Sports Vice President Jon Watters. “From the beginning, our team has been fortunate enough to work with some of the largest developers of these facilities create technology that fits their unique needs.”

According to Watters, the company has developed a camera-based technology capable of tracking ball flight downrange in real time, something the company considers a major technological achievement. “We’ve capitalized on our engineering team’s vast experience with image processing and object recognition to design a system that is not only incredibly accurate, but easily adaptable to a number of driving range scenarios. From a small neighborhood driving range to a full blown multi-level golf entertainment complex, this system offers total performance tracking with unprecedented accuracy.”

The new system, composed of image sensors strategically positioned around the driving range, provides real-time tracking information for every ball in play and then feeds that data to a central monitoring application also created by the Foresight Sports engineering team. From there, the application matches shot data from down-range cameras with shots captured by the company’s launch monitors and passes the end result of the shot back to a player’s game console. Every detail of downrange ball performance is tracked and factored into the player’s results – including carry distance, bounce, roll and the exact resting position of the ball.

According to Watters, Foresight Sports has a unique advantage when it comes to serving new and technologically focused growth areas like entertainment ranges. “Having engineering–both hardware and software, manufacturing, and quality assurance all under one roof allows us to move new ideas from the drawing board to proof-of-concept to market-ready in a fraction of the time it takes others.”

Foresight Sports will be providing previews of its new downrange tracking solutions at the 2017 PGA Merchandise Show by appointment only. Interested parties may contact the company’s Director of Sales, Rick Cuellar, at

The 2017 PGA Merchandise Show kicks off with Outdoor Demo Day on Tuesday, January 24 at the Orange County National Golf Center in Orlando, Florida. Exhibit halls open at the Orange County Convention Center January 25-27.