Distributor Newsletter - July

Jun 18, 2018 FS 2018


It’s hard to believe it's been almost six months since we were all celebrating our success at the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show together. Now, with summer well underway on this side of the equator, everyone in the corporate office is pushing hard on all fronts of product development, marketing, and sales to keep this year's incredible momentum going. This issue contains the latest news and updates from you, our International Teams, as well as from Foresight Sports HQ, including this month's full launch of FSX 2018 and FSX Mobile, and a sneak PEAK (yes, pun intended) at our new PEAK online educational platform.


International Updates

Foresight Sports Europe

We have some great news out of Foresight Sports Europe with the ‘Three Lions’ beginning their World Cup Campaign in Russia, Foresight Sports Europe has provided the England soccer team with a GC2-powered canvas sim for use at their hotel in Russia. This has been shipped to the team for the duration of the tournament, and will be kept at their training facility in the UK afterward. Our European crew even included a cool startup screen featuring the Three Lions logo. What better way to keep the players entertained between matches?
Another fantastic initiative by the Foresight Sports Europe team! Check out the pics below.

Foresights Sports Europe Golf Simulator

Foresight Sports Southeast Asia

As shown by these photos of Asian Tour Professionals Arnond Vongvanij and Yanwei Liu from the Thailand Open, the GCQuad is gaining a lot of traction on the Asian Tour. We would like to recognize Foresight Sports Southeast Asia once again for continuing to put our game-changing technology in front of top players and the region's top golf broadcasters.


Launch Monitor used outside at golf range


Foresight Sports HQ

On the heels of our partnership with the world's newest and most exciting entertainment range experience 'Drive Shack', we’re pleased to announce our latest pilot program, this time with Stadium Golf, one of San Diego's premier driving range facilities. Foresight Sports will be providing technology for the company's San Diego location, where customers will enjoy 10 bays of cutting-edge entertainment and performance analysis thanks to the integration of both our launch monitors and new Downrange Tracking System (DTS). As we see the industry pivoting more and more towards the entertainment experience, it's critical for our company to be a key technology provider and partner with existing organizations to make golf accessible to all. More details on this and other partnerships will be forthcoming soon!

Justin James

World Long Drive phenom Justin James has officially joined our Foresight Sports ambassador family! Justin took the World Long Drive Championship title in 2017, and turned to the GCQuad to continue honing his already extraordinary skills. Our latest ambassador recently visited Foresight Sports HQ for a tour of our production facilities and to hit a few shots in our simulation studio, which many of you saw on our social media feed. In turn, he took to his own social platform to once again praise the GCQuad. We're very excited to have Justin on board, and look forward to a great relationship ahead.

Justin James using GCQuad launch monitor

Summer Simulation Packages = Record Online Sales

As you may be aware, in June we ran a Starter Sim Package that included the GC2+HMT, FSX2018 software, and a sim-optimized laptop. Put simply, the response to this package has been overwhelming. In fact, this single promotion helped us achieve a new record in online sales, compelling us to extend the sale beyond our allotted inventory. Due to this unprecedented level of response, we’re now finalizing plans on a similar deal for the GCQuad. Like the previous promotion, this package will be available for your purchase at a discounted rate to ensure that your team can offer the same promotion in your markets.


Sneak PEAK

With our new PEAK online educational platform launching soon, we'd like to offer a preview of what users can expect when they access the platform. This new, consumer-focused learning site will be available to everyone that wants to know and understand their numbers even if they don’t directly own a Foresight Sports launch monitor. The PEAK online educational platform is divided into two sections: a sales-focused front-end that outlines the platform's value for players, fitters, and instructors along with some free video tips and insight from our ambassadors on how they use Foresight Sports technology, as well as a subscription-based educational platform where users can earn their PEAK certifications. Users will also be able to participate in a moderated forum offering additional instruction, best practices, and insight from Director of Education Liam Mucklow and our team of renowned PEAK Ambassadors and Advisors. Check out the screenshots below for a first look.

Foresight Sports Academy


Spin Tilt Axis Educational Video

Leak Learning Website

Important Updates

NEW -- FSX 2018 "Behind The Scenes" Video

To mark the full release of FSX 2018 in June, the Foresight Sports marketing team created a "Behind the Scenes" video highlighting all of the incredible new features that went into creating the game-changing software. The video includes a collection of key interviews from our team explaining the incredible effort and technology behind our latest game-changing software platform, and includes some stunning in-game footage showcasing FSX2018's true-to-life graphics capabilities and key features. Check it out here and feel free to share this must-see video with your staff and customers.

And in case you haven't noticed, we've also updated the FSX 2018 product page on our website.


FSX 2018 Features List

To make sure you're armed with the most accurate information for your FSX 2018 sales and marketing efforts, the Foresight Sports marketing team has put together a concise summary of the new features offered in the full FSX 2018 release. This, along with all of the other sales/promotional material we have, is available to you in the Google Drive here.


FSX 2018 - Online User Manual

In conjunction with the launch of FSX 2018, Foresight Sports HQ is embracing the power of e-based customer support by moving exclusively to a web-based user manual format for this and all future product releases. Thanks to this new e-manual format, our customers can now be assured that they always have the latest and most accurate product information, and always in a format that can be easily accessed from their computer or mobile device from anywhere in the world.

The new FSX2018 User Manual is available here.


Q3: All Hands On Deck!

Once again, we want to thank each and every one of you for your continued efforts and the tremendous job of contributing to Foresight Sports' expanding presence around the globe. As we head into the summer season, it's critical for all of us to share our collective sales and marketing insight and resources to insure we continue to set record sales and become the dominant technology provider in the industry. Please keep communicating every sales tip and method that's helping you to win business so that we can all share the benefit!

Thanks, and let's make it a great Q3!