Picking the Right Iron for Each Shot is a Valuable Skill

Oct 26, 2018 Golfer setting ball on tee for iron shot

If you ask the average professional golfer to identify the most important skill in golf, many of them will tell you distance control. When you hit the ball the correct distance, it’s unlikely that you’ll be far from your desired target. Even if your accuracy was not spot on, a shot that was hit the correct yardage is usually playable, at the very least. Along with regular practice, using a launch monitor to track your distances is a big help.

We can’t tell you how far you are going to hit each of your golf irons, as distances vary from player to player. With that said, we can offer some basic tips to improve your performance when using irons and shoot lower scores.

Evaluate the Target

Before you make a golf iron swing, and before you pick a club, you need to evaluate your current shot. Assuming this is an approach shot, what does the green look like? Where is the hole located? Are there any hazards you need to avoid? It’s important to ask yourself these questions, as the answers are going to say a lot about the club you select.

For example, if there is a water hazard short of the green, you are going to want to favor a longer club. Rather than hitting with a seven iron and hoping you get over the water, you can opt for a six iron and give yourself some margin for error. The difference between golf iron distances is often at least 10 yards if not 15, so reaching for even one extra club will help you get over any hazards that might be short of the green.

Never Assume Perfection

It’s common for amateur golfers to think that their standard golf iron distances are going to be consistent from shot to shot. That is not usually the case. Even if you can hit an eight iron 150 yards, there is no guarantee that you will do so every shot. Again, it’s about providing yourself with some margin for error. Think about using one extra club in most situations and make a smooth, controlled swing.

Consider the Conditions

partly cloudy day at golf range

Golf is played outdoors, and conditions can change dramatically from one round to the next—or even from one hole to the next. Consider things like wind direction, temperature, rain, and more to decide whether or not your regular iron distances are going to be accurate on any given shot. The golfer who can adapt successfully to the ever-changing conditions is more likely to shoot lower, consistent scores.

Want to accurately identify how far you hit with each of your irons? Foresight Sports can help. Our launch monitors are a great tool for mapping out your distances, making it much easier to select the right club on the course. Contact us today to get started.