Picking the Best Golf Clubs for Beginners

Jan 10, 2019 Young amateur golfers

As a beginner in the game of golf, you have a lot to learn. This should be an exciting time, as you are picking up a great hobby that just might last a lifetime. Unfortunately, some new golfers give up on learning this game before they really get started. One of the best ways to get off to a good start is to find the best golf clubs for beginners. With the right gear to take with you onto the course, you’ll at least have one piece of the puzzle in place.

It's All About Experiences

When you set out to shop for a beginner golf club set, you are looking for one thing above all else—forgiveness. Basically, that means you want a set of clubs which is going to forgive your swing mistakes as much as possible. This is a hard game, and the swings you make early on in your learning process might not be too pretty. No set of clubs is going to do the work for you, but picking out clubs which are designed with this task in mind is a good start.

So, what kinds of characteristics should you look for in golf club sets? Let’s take a look at a few key points:

  • Large club heads. Big club heads are going to give you more room to work with at impact, and they are also going to resist twisting on off-center hits.
  • Light overall weight. There are some advantages to using heavier clubs for experienced players, but beginners are usually better off with light clubs that help them to maximize swing speed.
  • Rounded soles. When buying an iron set, you will want to pick out one with rounded soles to prevent the leading edge of the club from digging into the turf at impact.

The best golf clubs for beginners are those which take this difficult game and make it just a little bit easier. Whether you buy cheap golf clubs or a more expensive set, look for the features listed above.

Finding the Best Driver for Beginners

beginner golfers walking the greens

One of the most important clubs in your bag is the driver. This is the club you will use to tee off on most par four and par five holes, and it can be difficult to learn how to hit with it properly. As you learn how to golf, getting over the hurdle of learning to use your driver is a big step.

To pick out a good driver, look for one with a big club head, as mentioned above. You’ll want to focus your search on the 460CC, as it is the largest club head allowed under the rules of golf. Also, be sure to select a driver with a graphite shaft. Adding a forgiving driver to your bag is a nice step and something that will pay off for many rounds to come.

The Value of Club Fitting

It’s certainly possible to just head to your local golf shop and purchase one of the first beginner golf sets you find. That wouldn’t be the best plan, however, as getting fitted for your set of clubs leads to a smarter purchase. Ask in your local golf pro shop about going through the fitting process to determine which set will be best for you. During this process, a launch monitor will be used to measure your swing and identify appropriate equipment options.

Foresight Sports Can Help!

In addition to using the right golf clubs, having access to a reliable launch monitor—such as those from Foresight Sports—is a huge advantage. Contact us right away to learn more about our impressive products. Play well out there!