How to Drive Like a Champion: 8 Tips to Generate More Distance Off the Tee

May 31, 2019

golfer lined up to hit off tee

Many golfers practicing at the range or with a launch monitor are looking to do one thing: drive their balls farther. While there are almost endless aspects to a golf game, focusing on the drive is not a bad idea, especially if you’re starting out. The extra yardage will make approach shots easier, it’s a great indicator of the quality of your swing, and it makes you look good on the fairway!

If you can’t make it over 300 yards just yet, don’t worry. Here are some simple and effective golf driving tips that will get you there.

Increasing Your Mobility

Mobility isn’t quite the same as flexibility. While flexibility means only you can touch your toes (and get full range on your swing), mobility means having maximum strength for that full range of motion, whether it’s at the top of the swing or at point of impact.

1. Invest in stretching equipment

A flexible-yet-firm set of bars, such as what’s used with Stick Mobility training, is perfect for developing strength in the right areas for your swing.

2. Exercise often

As with any strength training, you’ll need to exercise often. Direct your attention to the latissimus dorsi and hip flexor groups of muscles and try to do reps at least once every day.

Adjusting for Distance

Shooting for power is a little different than shooting for fine control. You’ll have to make some adjustments to your average golf drive to help you get an edge.

Tee it high

Not pushing the tee in all the way gives you a slightly more lofted drive, with reduced backspin and higher angle of launch—all of which are ideal for a 300-yard drive.

Straighten your arm

If you’re a right-hander, your left arm should be dead straight throughout the entirety of the swing. This encourages a bigger arc of the club, which, in turn, increases head speed without any extra effort or loss of control.

Snap the wrist

Deliberately letting the right wrist (for right-handed players) hinge through impact stops the club from choking up and gives you more distance.

Watch for power leaks

Just as every part of your swing contributes to its power, wasting power at any part of the swing will result in less power at impact. Look at where you’re overspending on energy in unnecessary movements or tensing up too much, and make adjustments.

Using a Launch Monitor

Practicing with the right launch monitor can make all the difference to your swing and driving technique and allow you to maximize for distance.

Get the right launch angle and spin

Getting precise numbers on your launch angle and backspin has made it easier to figure out how to drive a golf ball for distance. Divide the spin RPMs by 100 and add it to your launch angle. The perfect power drive should add up to between 32 and 34, so tweak your swing until you’re hitting that regularly.

Aim for consistency

One of the great features of a golf swing analyzer, apart from the analysis, is the fact that you can just keep driving and driving until you nail your swing. You can set environmental conditions, too, to develop a consistent motion that works well everywhere.

driving with foresight launch monitor

Foresight Sports: Driving Your Game Further

Win pinpoint accuracy and consistency in any conditions, Foresight Sports’ range of launch monitors will help you get a potent swing for a powerful drive. Indoors and out on the golf driving range, the comprehensive shot data lets you analyze, refine, and adjust your stroke for every aspect of the game.

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