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Nov 01, 2019 golf ball on beautiful green field

While sports fans love to tout the popularity of football, basketball, or soccer, there's one unassuming sport that has putted its way into the hearts of people around the world. Golf is a sport that combines hand-eye coordination with patience, intensity, and camaraderie in a relaxing, refreshing setting.

What's more, golf seems to unite people of all kinds, from CEOs practicing in the best home golf simulators money can buy to kids teeing off for the first time. This means you can go almost anywhere in the world and find a golf course waiting for you and your clubs.

Some golf courses, though, are more famous than others. Some are downright legendary. Here are 11 golf courses that many people consider the best in the world.

1. Sebonack Golf Club—New York, USA

One of the newer golf courses on this list, the Sebonack Golf Course was built to provide members with a superlative golf experience. However, getting a membership can be a little tricky for most people. The Sebonack charges $650,000 a year to join, which automatically excludes most people from joining.

If you can get in, reviewers say the course is very challenging and the holes are of the highest quality.

2. Augusta National—Georgia, USA

The home of the Master's Tournament, Augusta National offers a classically designed golf course. It continually draws praise for having an exceptional course structure that makes Augusta National one of the most challenging courses in the world.

Augusta National's golf course has been through more renovations and alterations than any comparable course in the United States, so the course almost always has something new to offer golfers.

3. Aphrodite Hills—Cyprus

Aphrodite Hills just might be the best golf course around the Mediterranean Sea. The golf course itself has just undergone an extensive investment upgrade that included making sure the facilities are state of the art and renovating the greens. Aphrodite Hills offers a stunning view of the Mediterranean, and the natural vegetation gives golfers a chance to enjoy the natural beauty of the area as they play.

4. Assoufid Golf Club—Moroccoman hitting golf ball on a beautiful golf course.jpg

One of the newer golf courses on this list, the Assoufid Golf Club first opened its doors in October 2014. This means that not only is this golf course an example of cutting-edge golf architecture, but it also blends seamlessly into the surrounding area and is a prime example of how to create a luxury golf course that lowers its environmental impact with minimal water usage and preserving the native vegetation.

5. Domaine de Taulane—France

The Domaine de Taulane is located at the foot of the mountains in Provencal and has the distinction of being designed by the golf champion Gary Player. Perhaps that's why this course is ideal for both beginning and expert golfers. It offers a relaxing game of golf on a course surrounded by 120 hectares of French countryside and seven lakes.

6. Kawana Golf Club (Fuji Course)—Japan

This golf course is a challenge for professional golfers everywhere, including the participants in the annual Fuki-Sankai Ladies Classic Tournament. The Fuji golf course at Kawana Golf Club was established in 1936 and, while the landscape may be amazing, the course itself is flanked by deep bunkers that will challenge and intrigue expert golfers.

7. St. Andrews Links—Scotland

This is one of the most famous golf courses in the world. While St. Andrews does have six public courses, the Old Course is the one you want to play. This golf course is over 600 years old and has influenced the way golf courses have been designed throughout the world.

The Old Course is challenging for both new and expert players, and it has received numerous accolades. Among the most unique features in the Old Course of St. Andrews Links are the large double greens, which are so wide that seven of them serve two holes on the golf course.

8. Real Club Valderrama—Spain

The Real Club Valderrama was designed by Robert Trent, a legend among golf architects, and it shows. Golf pros and golf writers have nothing but praise for the course, and many golfers consider the fairways to be among the best in Europe—and, quite possibly, the world.

If you're invited to play a round there, however, make sure you bring your "A" game. This course was not intended to be easy. You'll need to think about each shot you take and make it as precise as possible on this course.

9. Pebble Beach Golf Links—California, USA

The number one public golf course in the U.S.A., Pebble Beach Golf Links features some of the most famous holes in golf. The golf course is built on top of a rugged coastline featuring dramatic cliffs that pose some unique golf challenges. This can make for rounds of golf that are as thrilling to watch as they are to play—even if they're playing the course in a home golf simulator.

Pebble Beach has hosted the PGA TOUR event since 1947 and, in 2019, the course hosted its 6th U.S. Open. It's a perennial favorite of golf champions, movie stars, and even presidents!

10. Royal County Down—Northern Ireland

According to many golf fans, no list of golf courses can be complete without mentioning Royal County Dawn in Northern Ireland. This golf course features a view of the Irish landscape that places it head and shoulders above other famous golf courses, and the beauty extends to the course itself. In fact, the fourth and the ninth holes of Royal County Downs are two of the most admired holes in golf.

What really draws golfers to Royal County Downs, though, is the layout of the course itself. The course's outward nine holes are considered the finest in golfing, The course does have its eccentricities, but it adds to the charm of the course, making each round that much more memorable.

11. Address Montgomerie—Dubaiwoman putting golf ball while the other woman holds the flag

Some of the wealthiest people in the world live in Dubai, so it's hardly surprising that it is home to one of the best golf courses in the world. Address Montgomerie is located in the heart of Emirates Hills and offers top-of-the-line features that will please not only golfers but non-golfers as well.

The Address Montgomerie features five-star rated accommodations that make it a great place to visit with your family. After you've played a round at the 18-hole championship golf course, unwind with a relaxing massage in the spa, sunbathe at the poolside, or just enjoy a view of the New Dubai skyline from a modern, stylish room.

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