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The ultimate play-anywhere golf simulator.

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Stop delaying. Start playing.

Waiting for the biggest simulation bang for the buck? Look no further. SIM‑IN‑A‑BOX™ is the most complete all-in-one virtual golf package available today. And because it comes with the best launch monitor in the industry, you not only get true-to-life game performance indoors, you get the game’s best performance analysis tool for outdoors as well.

How’s that for no‑brainer value?

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Our best software and course bundle - ever.

Our SIM‑IN‑A‑BOX™ packages come with our FSX 2020 gaming platform and 15 of our world-class courses - including Pebble Beach Golf Links™ and the Old Course at St Andrews Links™.

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Space optimized
without compromise.

Our SIM‑IN‑A‑BOX™ packages deliver uncompromising virtual golf gameplay in the most compact, efficiently organized footprint possible – which means you now have even more options for where and when you want to play.

The perfect all-in-one solution.

No matter the application, SIM-IN-A-BOX™ is the most complete all-in-one virtual golf package available today.

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Open. Assemble. Go.

Every SIM‑IN‑A‑BOX™ package includes every component necessary to enjoy true-to-life golf gameplay, including a GC launch monitor, game-optimized computer, hitting mat, and complete net or screen-based hitting structure.

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Hit all day, pack it away.

Don’t have the space or the need for a dedicated virtual golf studio? Not a problem. Our SIM‑IN‑A‑BOX™ solution can be disassembled and stored as easily as it goes together.

The storage setup of Foresight Sports SIM-IN-A-BOX™ solution.

Everything you need.

From one box to full simulation in no time at all.

For the first time ever, experience full-size, true-to-life golf simulation with unprecedented affordability and ease with our SIM‑IN‑A‑BOX™ packages.
From range practice to course game play, SIM‑IN‑A‑BOX™ has everything you need - including the unmatched accuracy and reliability only Foresight Sports can deliver.