Awesome Golf - Lifetime Membership

Awesome Golf takes shot tracking and golf simulators to an awesome new level. Whether you are an avid golfer, a non-golfer, or a gamer, Awesome Golf gives you everything you want – all on one screen. Read More
Total Extras:


Core Features

  • 13 Game Modes
  • 4 Included Courses
  • Coaching and Analytics
  • iOS and PC Compatible

NOTE: Buy any Premium Golf Course ($250+) and get Awesome Golf for free! Simply add both Awesome Golf and a Premium Course to your cart to see the discount reflected.

13 Game Modes.

Step onto the tee and play unique golf courses, splash into shark-infested swimming pools, take on closest to the pin and long drive challenges, or even blow up a boat or two, if you’re quick enough!

Desert Canyon virtual golf course
Golf Swing Statistics

Coaching and Analytics.

Analyze your entire game. See data for your practice sessions, including distances, speeds, spin, club path and more.

iOS and PC Compatible.

That's right, whether you play it in your home simulator on your PC — or on an iOS device, Awesome Golf goes where you do.

GC3 Launch Monitor with iPad

Endless Fun.

From dialing in your club distances on the range, to outdriving your opponent in longest drive, to shooting a personal best on one of the included courses, Awesome Golf has it all.





Further Details

  • Shot by Shot: Accurate data for your practice sessions. See distances, speeds, spin, club path, and more.
  • Approach Shots: Practice your approach shots over multiple distances, avoiding the bunkers, water, and trees.
  • Club Distances: Dial in your club distances to lower your scores. Compare clubs to find the best fit.
  • Coaching: Analyze your entire game, with custom dashboards to improve your scores.
  • Closest to the Pin: 3 shots to get in close on tricky Par 3 holes. How close can you get?
  • Longest Drive: Test your power! Longest straight drive wins.
  • Target Golf: Use strategy to select colored targets. Sink the ball to earn points.
  • Skills Challenge: Can you master the ultimate skills challenge? Shot-making tested to the limit.
  • Super Splash: Chip into pools to score. Sounds easy, but watch out for the sharks!
  • Boat Blast: Hit boats for points. Hop between islands to hunt them down.
  • Wrecking Balls: Destroy the towers and flatten them to the ground.
  • Get in the Hole: Pitch the ball to create a hole. Swallow up the buildings for points.
  • Virtual Courses: Play full rounds of golf at any of the four included courses: Spring Park Hills, Island Beach, Desert Canyon, or Valley Pines.

  • GC3, GCQuad, GCHawk launch monitors. 
  • If you have a Launch Pro with an active Gold Subscription, but it did not come with Awesome Golf, you can purchase it HERE.
  • *GC2 is not supported.
  • Windows PC or iOS device.
  • Stable internet connection 

  • Find our Awesome Golf Support Page here.
  • Already have Awesome Golf and want to integrate with your GC launch monitor? Contact the Awesome Golf team at for info on how to get connected!

  • After purchase, we will verify your device and serial number and activate your membership within 2-3 business days.
  • For download and installation instructions, please visit Awesome Golf's Download Page.