True-to-Life Soccer Gameplay

Now available with GCHawk™


That’s right. The world’s most advanced launch monitor for true-to-life golf is also a multi-sport powerhouse.
Ready for the ultimate simulation experience? Then you need GCHawk.

Precise Performance.

Harnessing the same award-winning technology found on the GCQuad™, the ceiling-mounted GCHawk™ also features dynamic tracking and true-to-life performance algorithms - which means you get unmatched accuracy and ball flight results with each and every shot - regardless of the game or sport you’re playing.


Start playing today.

Already own a GCHawk? You’re just minutes away from enjoying soccer for yourself and your family.

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Massive Fun.

More interested in just kicking up the excitement? Beyond our new Soccer Skills game, the GCHawk Soccer Upgrade is fully compatible with our family pack of Fairgrounds games. Which means you and your entire family now have even more reason to stay in and play.