Get the Putt Outta Here.

The world’s most advanced launch monitor just got even better. With Essential Putting Analysis, you’ve now got never-before-seen insight into every aspect of your putting game.

Break it Down

Flawless Precision.

Outdoors or indoors, the GCQuad now delivers the same level of insight to putting that you’ve come to expect with every other stick in your bag.

Whether on the range or the indoor simulation studio, the unique attributes of your short game performance are delivered to the GCQuad’s outdoor-visible display or connected device in real-time.

Unprecedented Insight.

No other launch monitor available today delivers anything close to the volume of putting data generated by the GCQuad.

From post-impact ball launch and skid measurements to precisely calculated roll distance, fitters, coaches, and players alike can now experience an entirely new level of putting performance insight.

Endless Fun.

With the GCQuad’s unmatched accuracy and sheer volume of performance data across every club from driver to putter, your virtual game experience becomes as true-to-life as it gets.

Combined with Foresight Sports’ FSX 2018 Software and extensive library of performance and gaming apps, the challenge and enjoyment of the game move from outdoors to indoors as easily as the press of a button.

GCQuad 360

A Beauty of a Beast

It’s true – form does follow function. Beyond being the most advanced launch monitor ever created, the GCQuad is also the most beautifully ergonomic. Created from the ground up with the help of an award-winning industrial design team, every curve, color, material, and feature was chosen with performance in mind.

Take it for a spin.

A few more things you'll like

GC Quad Upgrades

Included proprietary alignment stick for manual target alignment

Capture Area

An expanded ball capture area - up to 6 times larger than the GC2


Greater device connectivity – including WiFi and Ethernet


A swappable, long-life Lithium-Ion battery for simple, easy power management

GC Quad Logo

At home, on the range,or in your simulator

The world’s most advanced launch monitor is ideal for the world’s best virtual golf experience.


Technology: Quadrascopic high-speed camera system.
Dimensions: 7"(w) x 12.5"(t) x 4"(d)
Weight: 7.5lbs / 3.8kg
Battery: Removeable 6-8 hour lithium ion
Data Interface: USB / WiFi / Ethernet
Compatibility: Android Apple

Software Driver

GC2 Driver | 9.18Mb | All models
GC Quad