GCHawk™ Angle
GCHawk™ Lens Close-up
GCHawk™ Angle Close-up
GCHawk™ Straight On
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The GCHawk™ is an overhead-mounted launch monitor that delivers a whole new level of freedom and flexibility to your game. Harnessing the same object-sensing and image-capturing technology found on the GCQuad, the overhead-mounted GCHawk fits seamlessly into a commercial or residential environment, and its large ball-capture range allows players of both right and left handedness to hit shots with absolute confidence that each shot was precisely captured.

Take your virtual golf game to a new level with GCHawk.


Technology: Quadrascopic high-speed camera system.
Dimensions: 92.4in(w) x 7.1in(t) x 6.2in(d)
Weight: 28lbs / 12.7kg
Power: External input 220/110, output 48VDC, 300W
Data Interface: USB, WiFi, Ethernet, Bluetooth
Mouting Height: 9.5ft - 10.5ft
GCHawk™ Drawing