How to Properly Clean Golf Clubs

Jan 01, 2021 Smiling african american man playing golf

After spending a few weekends at the local golf course, chances are your golf clubs are less than pristine. Those line drives have a great way of getting dirt and other debris into every nook and cranny of your clubs.

While this isn’t something you need to do after each use, it’s nice to know how to clean golf clubs so that they’re ready for the next time you hit the green. One of the best ways to preserve and extend the life of your clubs for years to come is to keep them clean. The good news is that you don’t need any fancy equipment or chemicals to get your clubs back into tip-top shape.

Keep reading to learn the best way to clean your golf clubs.

What You’ll Need to Clean Your Clubs

Before getting started, here’s a list of all of the items you’ll need to clean your clubs:

  1. Lukewarm water
  2. Plastic bucket
  3. Dish soap
  4. Soft-bristle brush
  5. Towel or cloth

Once you have everything you need to clean your clubs, let the fun begin!

Step 1

woman hands in a mop bucket

Squirt mild dish soap into your bucket and fill it with lukewarm water. Water temperature is extremely important when cleaning your clubs. Using too hot of water could loosen the club’s ferrules, which connect the shaft to the head.

When filling the bucket, be sure to use enough water to cover the heads of your irons, but be sure that the water isn’t too high so it doesn’t flow over the ferrules.

Step 2

Place the clubs into the bucket so that the clubheads are entirely submerged. Allow the clubs to soak for 5-10 minutes. This gives enough time for any dirt or debris that’s stuck in the grooves to loosen.

If you have wood clubs, don’t put them in the water!

Step 3

two friends cleaning with brushes and water their clubs outdoors in a professional golf club

Once the clubs are done soaking, use a soft bristle brush, such as a toothbrush, to clean out the individual grooves of the clubface. This step is most important, so pay close attention to each groove and really make sure you’re removing all of the dirt.

When there’s less dirt and debris on the club, you increase surface area contact. This step does take a little elbow grease, but the results are well worth it.

Step 4

Once you’ve successfully removed all of the dirt in the grooves, the next step is to scrub the sole of the iron and the back of the clubhead. Sometimes sand, mud, and grass can collect in these areas.

Step 5

After cleaning the sole and back of the clubhead, now it’s time to rinse! Use clean lukewarm water to rinse off the clubhead. Ensure all suds and dirt have been rinsed off.

Step 6

Using a cloth or towel, dry the club completely. You don’t want to put a wet club into your bag!

Cleaning Other Golf Equipment

Golf ball on green grass ready to be struck

Only certain clubs should be cleaned using the method above. Wood clubs, as well as your driver, fairway, putter, and hybrid should never be submerged in water.

Instead, this equipment should be quickly dipped in the water and wiped down with a cloth. Or, you can use a damp cloth to thoroughly wipe them. Ensure your equipment is dried before packing it away in your golf bag.

Last, but not least, don’t forget to clean your golf club grips! Over time, your grips can get pretty grimy. Imagine all of the sweat and sunscreen that collects over time!

The quickest way to clean your golf club grips is with a damp cloth. This removes dirt and grime that’s collected on the surface.

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