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golf stance

Golf ball position is one aspect that affects the direction the ball travels. Moving the position of the ball forward or backward, even just a little bit, will result in a noticeable change in the flight and direction of the ball. Ball position also influences the swing arc, depending on when the club comes into contact with the ball.


When was the last time you worked on your short game? Most likely, it’s been a while. It seems like many amateurs ignore just how important this part of the game is in terms of saving strokes each round. While you might think first about using a home golf simulator for perfecting your full swing, you can use this kind of technology to improve your short game performance, as well.

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birds eye view of putting green

What’s an Approach Shot? A golf approach shot is any shot over 100 yards that aims to land on the green. For par-5 and par-4 holes, this is generally the third and second shot respectively.